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Founded in April 2015, BaishanCloud (Baishan) is the world’s leading edge-cloud platform service provider offering neutral infrastructure, cloud-native security, developer services, and other products and services. Serving 1,000+ customers globally, Baishan is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for global Internet, government, enterprise, and corporate customers. Baishan’s network covers 6 continents with 600+ edge nodes worldwide.

Baishan has experienced rapid business growth since its inception and its innovative cloud products have gained considerable traction in the marketplace, both at home and overseas. Baishan's customer base has grown rapidly, making it a trusted and preferred provider of cloud data services. As of June 2018, Baishan has completed six rounds of private equity financing, raising a total of US$125 million. Total sales revenues in 2019 reached US$210 million and 2020, US275 million.

Baishan now has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Seattle, and Shenzhen as well as R&D centers in Xiamen and Gui'an.  

Why Us




With over 500 service PoPs in China and 100 internationally, we established an extensive global network covering over 250 major cities in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania.    

Strong R&D Capability

Our engineering team has strong development capability to timely provide and deliver customized technical development 

requirements/ features for our customers.

Premium Products

Our services include webpage acceleration, download, video-on-demand, live streaming, dynamic acceleration, WAF, Anti-DDos, and Bot mitigation tailored to the needs of customers in different industry verticals.

Global Professional Support

Our experienced and dedicated technical support team with bilingual support around the clock provides excellent support for our global customers. 

Our Values

Drive for excellence





Result Oriented

Our Growth

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