Building identity-based zero-trust access management for business applications. While maintaining efficiency, allowing trusted access for the application in any network environment and reducing the front of attacks for assets to ensure data security.

Product Benefits

VPN-free Remote Access

Enabling fast SaaS access to intranet applications and make up for traditional VPNs’ lack of security, while allowing various remote accesses.

Reducing Maintenance Costs

Traditional firewalls rely on manually configuring access policies, therefore incur heavy workloads and are prone to errors. Baishan’s Access solution implements an outbound one-way connection for business applications, and the firewall can deny inbound connections by default. Minimizing the need for repeatedly changing and maintaining firewall rulesets.

Reduced Exposure for Attack

The access portals are unified, and the assets are hidden. Effectively defends Infiltration through external scans, and simplifies vulnerability repairing workflow.

Combining Security and Acceleration

Leveraging the cyber attack protection and global access acceleration capabilities built by Baishan Edge cloud nodes.

Non-Intrusive Deployment

Cloud-native architecture-based and can scale dynamically with organization’s demand without the need for additional system retrofits.

Product Features

Single Sign-on for Apps

Unified Portal with just one sign-in required, achieving access configuration for single sign-on domain names.

Supporting OAuth2, SAML, OIDC, JWT, And Other Protocols.

high-performance caching servers

Centralized Control of Apps

tiered-caching architecture

Supporting access to self-hosting applications via CNAME/NS record and granular permission configuration at the URL level.

Three types of remote protocols are enabled for application access: RDP, VNC, SSH.

Supporting SaaS application access including Oauth2 and SML. Multiple types of SaaS application templates have been built-in to provide application access with configurations customized for a variety of security rulesets.

Identity Management

Supporting a group of user identities that can be added to access rules. Using the group access rulesets can create a new access control rule list by combining different groups. Collaborating with the use of OTP dynamic passwords, DingTalk, WeCom, SAML, OIDC, CAS, LDAP, and other third-party authentication sources.

instant purging
intelligent network opitimization

Compliance Audit

All operational logs, application login logs, access logs, and other platform information is recorded to comply with audit requirements.

Application Scenarios

VPN-free Telecommuting

Telecommuters who try to access their organizations’ applications are required to go through trusted-application access authentication to obtain a list of applications based on employee roles and permissions.

Baishan’s global edge cloud network ensures that all users always have access to the nearest applications and enjoy a secure and speedy telecommuting experience.

Private IDC Secure Access

Establishing a one-way outbound link via the Connector component deployed in the existing IDC intranet environment. By hiding the front-end assets, all inbound links are blocked from external access to the portal, ensuring the security of the Private IDC.

Visualization Diagram