Access Control

In order to provide granular management of applications and Internet layers, fine-grained access controls prevent traffic abuse, optimizing cloud platform and decreasing security costs.

Product Benefits

Flexible Activation and No Deployment Required

Products such as DCDN, Web Application Firewall, IP App Acceleration, Security Acceleration products etc., can be enabled on-demand without additional deployment required, immediately blocking invalid traffic to improve effectiveness.

Abundant Disposal Modes

In addition to the usual Observation, Release, Blocking, Banning, and other modes, intelligent disposal methods such as CAPTCHA, Honeynet Traction and Redirections are provided, all of which combine to meet the requirements of known security scenarios.

Security Expert Assistance

Baishan’s 24/7 global security team supports and assists with the analysis of abnormal traffic and rule configuration to provide enterprises with greater security response capabilities.

Product Features

Support for Numerous Field Conditions

Common HTTP field values for controls such as IP, URL, Referrer, User-Agent, etc., as well as common TCP field conditions such as message header, port, connection type, first packet size, message size, etc. are supported.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

Support for Multiple Conditional Logic

Logic conditions such as Include, Not Include, Equal To, Not Equal To, Belong To, Not Belong To, etc., are supported.

Support for Various Operation Methods

Operational methods such as Observe, Release, Allow, Block, Ban, Human-machine Verification, and other methods are supported.

instant purging
intelligent network opitimization

Support for Diversified Access Control

Custom matching, setting access conditions, and filtering access requests are supported using fields and conditions.

Application Scenarios

CC Attack Management

Custom policies can be set for different business scenarios using targeted-feature analysis and rule configuration HTTP field values to effectively

defend against CC attacks.

Network Traffic Management

Traffic management for HTTP and TCP based on real business application scenarios.