Access Control

In order to provide fine-grained granularity and dimensionality for different business scenarios, custom access policies and detailed access controls are enabled for L4 and L7.  

Product Features

Support Numerous Field Conditions

Common HTTP field values for controls such as IP, URL, Referrer, User-Agent, etc., are supported.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

Support Multiple Conditional Logic

Logic conditions such as Include, Not Include, Equal To, Not Equal To, Belong To, Not Belong To, etc., are supported.

Support Various Operation Methods

Operational methods such as Observe, Release, Allow, Block, Ban, Human-machine Verification, and other methods are supported.

instant purging
intelligent network opitimization

Support Diversified Access Control

Custom matching, setting access conditions, and filtering access requests are supported using fields and conditions.

Application Scenarios

Security Protection

Custom policies can be set for different business scenarios using combinations of conditional HTTP field values to effectively defend against CC attacks, WAF attacks, Hotlinking, malicious crawlers, and other risks.