Anti - DDoS

Baishan’s global edge cloud network, deployed with a self-developed ADS system, provides complete DDoS protection for all business scenarios by pulling traffic to the scrubbing center to ensure stable business availability.

Product Benefits

Massive Protection Resources

Leveraging more than 50 terabytes of its reserved available global bandwidth resources, Baishan has created a self-built traffic scrubbing center where a single node supports up to one terabyte or more.

Comprehensive Business Support

Full support for HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, UDP, and other protocols covers disparate business types such as finance, government, enterprise, gaming, etc. These protocols fully meet the security protection requirements for different business scenarios.

Full-link Defense

DDoS attacks are prevented across layers three through seven using self-learning,  trait detection, and management.

Scrubbing Performance

Launch protection delay is less than five seconds. Packet processing delay is less than 20 μs.

Attack Visualization

Big data platform displays to capture and report data attacks in real-time, including multi-dimensional data statistics and the distribution of attack sources.

Product Features

Comprehensive Threat Defense

Comprehensive full-link traffic scrubbing, blocking, and filtering threats are supported across layers three to seven.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

Intelligent Protection

The AI engine and global threat information database combine to achieve intelligent protection using user behavior analysis, trait learning, and confrontation protection technologies.

Access Control 

Support to allow or deny access from custom IPs and filter botnet IPs through security intelligence.

instant purging
intelligent network opitimization

Attack Traceability

When an attack occurs, support packet capture records attack traffic enabling evidence for attack traceability.

Monitoring and Alerting

Monitoring and alerting services enable real-time tracking of status from the start of an attack.

adaptive bitrate

Application Scenarios

DDoS Defense

​A full range of services protects Web/DNS/APP and other business scenarios from layer three-through-seven to ensure business security.

DDoS Attack And Defense Posture

​Displays enable capturing and reporting of data attacks in real-time, including multi-dimensional data statistics and the distribution of attack sources.