Anti - DDoS

Baishan Canvas, deployed with a self-developed ADS system, provides complete DDoS protection for all business scenarios by pulling traffic to the scrubbing center to ensure stable business availability. 

Product Benefits

Full Scenario Business Support

Supports a variety of protocol accesses, including HTTP(S)/TCP/UDP/Websocket, to provide all types of business with DDoS protection. 

Self-Developed ADS System, With Improved Protection Performance

Increased machine learning and pattern disposal linkage capabilities, expanded capture range of attack possibilities, and effective prevention and control of variants, new, reflective and other types of DDoS attacks.

Ultra-Fast Response, Very Low Impact

With protection response delay under 5s, packet processing delay under 20us, it quickly controls the impact from attacks through timely response and effective management.

Defense Visualization Helps With Traceability

Multi-dimensional attack data analysis helps with accurate tracing.

Product Features

DDoS Traffic Cleaning

Supports network layer, transmission layer, application layer full link traffic cleaning for all-around blocking filtering of DDoS threats.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

DDoS Attack and Defense Situation

Real-time display of attack data, providing panoramic attack visualization and DDoS attack incident monitoring and warning services

Application Scenarios

DDoS Protection

Providing additional DDoS protection capabilities through Baishan’s Canvas, diverting traffic to the DDoS protection cluster for traffic cleaning.