Video & Audio 

The media and entertainment industry continues to see robust growth with emerging technologies. As electronic devices proliferated, customers’ demand for live streaming and VOD increases rapidly. With rich experience in different media and entertainment business scenarios, Baishan provides reliable solutions to ensure the streaming quality and help your business lead the trend.

Industry Pain Points

High Traffic Volume

Media content delivery consumes tremendous traffic volume. Growing resolutions of video content up to 4K or 8K place high demands on bandwidth redundancy and scalability.

Site Security Threats

Media websites are under threats like DNS hijacking, CC attacks, DDoS attacks, etc. Platforms with security vulnerability may be negatively affected in credibility. Threats may also cause financial loss and business reputation damages.

High Expectations for QoE

An unpredictable internet environment places challenges to content-related quality of service. To deliver an uninterrupted user experience, multimedia platform is under the pressure of optimizing KPIs regarding TtFF, playback smoothness, latency.

Demand for Content Optimization

Multimedia platforms must be compatible with many devices and complex network environments and adhere to delivery compliance. To meet these demands, content processing functions like recording, screenshotting, transcoding, and protocol transferring are essential.

Our Solutions

High Redundancy

  • Baishan’s edge cloud network has over 50TB redundant bandwidth capacity, TB level elastic bandwidth, and point of presence throughout 250+ cities globally. Automated operational processes enable customers to deal with high traffic volume and surges with ease.


  • First, Baishan’s platform protects content security on multiple fronts.  First, we achieve anti-hotlinking with black and white-listing, encryption, and centralized authentication.

  • Second, Baishan supports DRM encryption, HTTPS, and other content protection mechanisms to prevent content breaching.

  • Third, the high redundancy network protects clients from DDoS attacks on layer 3 and 4 while anti-crawler algorithms shield out bot behavior on layer 7 to ensure service stability.

Premium Quality of Service

  • On top of Baishan’s global network resources, innovative technologies like TUENNA-TCP protocol optimization, adaptive bit rate, and GOP cache rapid launch ensure uncompromised VOD and streaming quality of service.

One-stop Shop

  • Baishan edge cloud platform provides comprehensive audio and video processing functions to create one-stop content services. In streaming scenarios, it provides end-to-end and device-to-storage content processing capabilities. Features include push and pull streaming, protocol transfer, transcoding, watermarking, audio and video play only, streaming time shift, broadcast ban, recording, screenshots, etc.​

​Solution Architecture

Solution Scenarios

Media on Demand

Baishan builds a list of features for media-on-demand scenarios – media format processing, transcoding, screenshots, editing are among other content processing functions. These functions provide a secure, elastic, and high-availability foundation for enterprises, achieved only by our global edge cloud network.

Media Streaming

Cross-border e-commerce enterprises, especially in promotional events, are under constant threat of DDoS attacks, CC attack and more. Baishan’s intelligent security acceleration platform provides services such as CDN, WAF, anti-DDoS and unknown threat detection.