Connectors provide enterprises with a more secure way to access their internal and external networks. By creating a one-way, encrypted tunnel between the customer's web server and the closest edge node on the Baishan global edge cloud network, there is no need to open any public inbound ports, enabling secured access to internal applications.

Product Benefits

Reduce WAF Management Cost

A Connector deployed on the intranet can initiate external access through standard port 443 without configuring other NAT/ACL/Inbound rules. By requesting back-to-origin access to internal applications, cross-border access can

be achieved at the network layer, eliminating the need to continually maintain firewall rulesets and reducing firewall management overhead.

Protect Network Server
from DDoS Attacks

Since the deployed Connector does not need to open any inbound connections, the firewall can be closed entirely to external access requests, protecting the network server from DDoS attacks.

Product Features

Encrypted Tunnel

Once the Connector is deployed on the customer’s intranet, all of the original traffic will be encrypted, and the IP address of the origin server will be hidden to secure external access to the network.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

Intelligent Routing and Security Acceleration

The Connector creates an encrypted tunnel between Baishan’s nearest data center and the client’s origin web server without opening any public inbound ports. Intelligent routing improves the access experience by selecting the most reliable and optimal path.

Application Scenarios

Intranet SaaS Fast Application

The security gateway provided in the cloud serves as the access point for the entire network. This allows only users who have passed identity authentication to have access and permissions to establish connections through the one-way tunnel from the internal network to the external network. The tunnel is established through the security gateway and the Connector deployed in the user's intranet. All inbound links to the external network are blocked to ensure the SaaS secured access to the gateway.