Bot Management

 Baishan’s Bot Management Service is based on its AI analysis engine. It accurately identifies and controls bot traffic using a network-wide pattern database and IP library combined with an AI analysis engine. These components effectively mitigate invalid marketing, content theft, resource depletion, and other business operation attacks caused by malicious crawlers. 

Product Benefits

Effective and Intelligent Bot Identification Engine

Daily iterations of full analysis, to extract behavior patterns and update the new bot variant data to the intelligent database. To date, it has effectively identified 13 bot categories and recorded information about hundreds of bots.

 Crawler Traffic Visualization

Visualized and detailed crawler traffic analysis reports enable businesses to refine their operations. The intelligent analysis engine can create a detailed crawler traffic analysis report, which fully displays the distinction between known and unknown crawlers.

Comprehensive Operation Methods

Baishan’s Bot Management service supports CAPTCHA, honeynet traction, redirection, and other operation methods to fulfill customer’s needs in different business scenarios.

Product Features

     Bot Traffic Tracking Refinement Management

Accurate identification of crawler bot traffic provides various management methods, including honeynet, observation, blocking, banning, and CAPTCHA.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

     Bot Traffic Panoramic Display

Both bot and real users' traffic status are tracked at all times and displayed on a panoramic screen.

Application Scenarios


Anti Deal-Hunting

Effectively identify deal-hunters who maliciously using the batch crawler method to sign-up, cheat, and falsify transactions. which prevents the waste of promotional resources and improves the efficiency and quality of promotions.

 Malicious Seat Reservation Protection

Effectively identifying the malicious behaviors of scalpers who use crawlers to launch bulk purchases of products, tickets, and seat reservations effectively reduces loss and protect both enterprises and users.

  Account Security Protection

Account security methods prevent malicious users from cracking account passwords through vulnerabilities and preventing malicious programs from obtaining login information, effectively reducing the risk of malicious users logging into the business.

   Crawler Traffic Identification

Precisely identifying friendly versus malicious machines helps prevent hacking and disruption of service by effectively categorizing traffic from e-commerce and media

enterprises as well as classify, block, and filter malicious traffic, improving business system stability and reducing economic loss.