Bot Management

Based on the AI intelligent analysis engine, combined with threat intelligence, accurately identify crawler threats, classify friendly vs. malicious crawlers and provide a variety of traffic control strategies.

Product Benefits

Effectively Identify Crawlers

Based on behavior, characteristics, and anomaly detection, the intelligent analysis engine effectively identifies real human behavior, legitimate Bots, and malicious Bots.

 Crawler Traffic Visualization

Our network is fast and scalable. Clients can reduce costs on infrastructure by adjusting spending based on actual usage.

     Flexible Bot Management

Flexible bot management supports redirection, release, blocking, and other crawler traffic control methods.

Product Features

Accurate Bot Traffic Identification

Big data analysis technology, combined with threat intelligence that identifies both human and bot behavior, and a database containing information about hundreds of known Bots, has effectively defined 13 Bot categories.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

     Bot Traffic Panoramic Display

 Both bot and human traffic status are tracked and provided on a panoramic display.

     Bot Traffic Tracking Refinement Management

Bot activity tracking and management methods including Honeynet, observation, blocking, banning, human-machine recognition, and other control methods, along with an accurate access control engine and on-demand traffic management, combine to meet the needs of multiple different scenarios on the website.

instant purging

Application Scenarios


 Anti-deal Hunting for Promotions

Effective identification of deal-hunters which use the crawler batch method to sign-up, cheat, game lotteries, falsify transactions, and perform other malicious behaviors, help to prevent the waste of promotional resources and improve the efficiency and quality of promotions.

 Malicious Seat Reservation Protection

Baishan edge BMC ’s higher computing output and network capacity help online gaming platforms to handle high traffic from multi-player gameplay with uncompromised latency level and stability.

  Account Security Protection

Account security methods prevent malicious users from cracking account passwords through vulnerability or malicious programs to obtain login info, effectively reducing the risk of malicious users logging into the business.

   Crawler Traffic Identification

Accurately identifying friendly versus malicious machine traffic helps prevent theft and disruption of business by effectively recognizing appropriate e-commerce, recruitment, and media enterprises to classify and control traffic, block and filter malicious traffic, improve business system stability and reduce economic losses.