Leveraging over 1000 global edge cloud service nodes, Baishan improves user experiences by caching and delivering content close to end-users. Fetching content from close-by edge nodes reduces network latency caused by internet congestion and increases cache hit-ratio.

Product Benefits

Comprehensive Features and Scalable Network Architecture

Baishan’s loosely coupled CDN modularization platform accommodates the unique needs of clients of all sizes. Features such as access control, origin control, and cache management ensure stable operations and fast responses.

Extensive Network Resources

With over 1000 points of presence (PoP) globally, Baishan’s network resources cover 250+ cities interconnect with over 100 ISPs. The extensive network connects users with the closest PoPs to achieve optimal user experience.

Real Time Intelligent Routing

Baishan dynamically generates optimal network routing by detecting real-time connection status within the network. The self-evolving, highly accurate IP database intelligently routes connections and ensures connection quality.

Stable Services

With its extensive edge cloud network, Baishan’s bandwidth capacity handles traffic surge with ease. Features such as protocol optimization, pre-caching, multi-level caching, and website snapshot ensure a stable network.

Product Features

Proprietary Performance Optimization

  • TCP optimization improves connection and service availability.

  • Static file compression reduces traffic level and delivery costs.

  • Dynamic URL parameter interpretation increases the cache-hit ratio and delivery efficiency.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

Cache Management

  • Instant purging of stale cache in seconds.

  • Delivery improvement by pre-cache content to CDN edge nodes.

  • Supports customizable caching rulesets for specific content from clients.

Access Control

  • Dynamic visitor identity filtering and IP allow/deny list prevents referer hot-linking.

  • Platform blocks expired URL visits and prevents time stamp hot-linking.

  • Customizable access rulesets meet clients' unique business use cases.

instant purging
intelligent network opitimization

Intelligent Routing

  • Support multi-origin load balancing strategies such as primary and secondary, polling, and weighting to reduce pressure on origins and improve service availability.

  • Support HTTPS back to the origin to achieve full-link security acceleration.

Application Scenarios

Web Page Acceleration

Web Page Acceleration can be implemented in scenarios such as web portals, e-commerce platforms, UGC community applications, and other business scenarios. It provides accelerated distribution and processing capabilities for enterprise’s static content, such as image files, html, css, js, etc., and significantly improves user experience.


Download Acceleration

Download acceleration is suitable for websites or applications that provide large files downloads, such as game installer download and update, APK download, audio and video download, etc. Stable and fast download acceleration reduces the waiting time for users to download or update and improves user conversion and retention rates.


Media Acceleration

Media acceleration is commonly used for audio and video-on-demand services, such as online education, online video, IP TV on-demand, music video-on-demand, etc. It provides fast, stable, and secure on-demand acceleration services to ensure an uninterrupted smooth user viewing experience.