Baishan’s globally distributed edge servers connect millions of end-users worldwide and deliver fully transparent and customized CDN services in an ultra-fast, reliable and secure fashion, enabling customers to focus on creating the best digital user experience.

Product Benefits

Ultra Speed  

Baishan integrates the best of its extensive network coverage, smart caching algorithm, and real-time purging capability to achieve low-latency content delivery and instant refresh.  With over 600 global edge service nodes and interconnections with 100+ global ISPs, Baishan now offers CDN services in more than 250 cities in 6 continents.

Easy Customization

Baishan’s loosely coupled CDN platform is highly customizable for customer-specific architectural scenarios. The light-weighted platform is also highly scalable, making it easy for customers to expand their business as needed.

High Reliability

Baishan’s comprehensive monitoring platform collects real time metrics from various components and make routing decision intelligently which helps achieve high performance and high service availability. The platform can also ensure a fast failover and provide an always-on experience globally even under unpredictable situations such as unexpected traffic burst or origin failure.

Uncompromised Security

Baishan’s edge platform is built with security in mind. The platform supports TLS encryption which protects customer data from man-in-the-middle attacks. In addition, Baishan’s Cloud Shield security product suite is designed to keep customers’ websites and applications from all types of attacks without sacrificing performance.

Full Transparency

Baishan’s edge platform is fully transparent to customers. Through its bilingual customer service portal, customers can easily access information on billing method, service procedure, view count, and visitor behavior

Product Features

Loosely Coupled Network Architecture

  • Lego-style platform structure

  • Loosely coupled and componentized

  • High scalable and lightweight

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

Instant Purging:

  • Baishan’s  innovative content refreshing technology

  • Whole network content purge in milliseconds

Intelligent Network Operation and Maintenance:

  • Full transparency of customer service data

  • Real-time big data analysis on operation status

  • Intelligent analysis of monitored alarm events                  

instant purging
intelligent network opitimization

Intelligent Routing

  • Smart adjustments in seconds in case of server failure

  • Dynamic IP library realizes IP to IP scheduling

  • The smarter four-dimensional scheduling algorithm

Application Scenarios

Web Page Acceleration

Baishan’s intelligent traffic routing and instant purging technologies ensure a high-quality and smooth user experience.

Utilizing its intelligent traffic routing system, Baishan’s CDN platform pushes content from origin to its global edge nodes and directs users to the closest edge cluster with a faster response to access massive resources.

Dedicated Features

Bursting Traffic Control

Baishan’s high-performance caching and back-to-origin optimization technology effectively alleviate the pressure of origin sites amid website traffic surges and ensures a seamless user experience.

Instant Purging

With Baishan’s instant purging technology, the whole network's content refresh speed has been reduced from minutes to 700ms.

Uncompromised Security and Reliability

Baishan adopts full link TLS encryption and HTTPS optimization to ensure that the transmission process is fully encrypted, and that customer data is fully protected. The platform can quickly identify domain names of attackers.  

Smart Routing

With its four-dimensional intelligent traffic routing technology,  Baishan’s platform ensures a quick failover in seconds to minimize the impact on customer services.

Download Aacceleration

Baishan’s platform supports high-speed transmission of files of any size and documents of any type.  The platform distributes content to Baishan’s global edge nodes to achieve high-speed downloads in different network environments and by any device.

Dedicated Features

Traffic Surge

Baishan’splatform is built with high redundancy.  It ensures high throughput for customer services and is capable of handling bursting traffic requiring bandwidth consumption in terabytes. 

High-Speed Download with Reliability

Baishan’s platform provides a stable high-speed download experience for users across different network environments.  It significantly helps reduce the wait time of download.  

Origin Infrastructure Cost

Baishan’s intelligent download platform helps alleviate the pressure of downloading customers on the investment cost of their origins and can ensure decent ROIs for the customers.            

It helps alleviate the pressure of the high investment cost of building origin infrastructure and can ensure decent ROIs.

Video Acceleration

Baishan provides video streaming solutions that integrate audio and video upload, transcoding, packaging, and content distribution. It provides high-quality video acceleration services with fast –response time, to ensure a seamless smooth viewing experience.

Dedicated Features

Rapid Time-to-First-Frame 

Baishan’s highly intelligent streaming platform can reduce the first frame time of its video service to as low as 0.15 seconds.

No Freeze Switching

Achieve 97%+ fluency, support multiple network environments, video formats, and terminal equipment with no freeze switching.

Copyright Protection

Baishan video steaming platform provides comprehensive functions based on IP, UA, Referrer, access area, timestamp, asynchronous authentication which effectively prevent threats of hotlinking.

Smart Routing

With its four-dimensional intelligent traffic routing technology, Baishan’s platform ensures a quick failover in seconds to minimize the impact on customer services.

Dynamic Acceleration

Through its intelligent routing algorithms, TCP optimization, API acceleration, and multiplexing technology, Baishan’s dynamic acceleration platform provides an end-to-end solution that helps overcome network congestion delay, cross-country bottlenecks, and packet loss.

Dedicated Features

Secure Transmission

The platform fully supports HTTP2.0 and TLS1.3 to improve security performance and ensure transmission speed.

Origin High Availability

The platform supports API acceleration with millisecond-level interface caching. It significantly improves the availability of the origin site.

Improved Access Speed of Dynamic Content

Protocol optimization technology combined with intelligent route selection significantly increases the availability of dynamic websites by 41%.

Visualization Diagram