Cloud BMC

Baishan empowers enterprises’ serverless transformation and edge security with its global edge network. The fast, elastic, and scalable server clusters ensure minute-level delivery of applications with non-virtual storage from the edge. The physical isolation of the edge network also protects the origin from attacks.

Product Benefits

Exclusive Edge

Computing Performance

Combining the performance of physical machines and the scalability of virtual machines, Baishan provides clients with exclusive, stable physical computing power and nested virtualization capabilities to ensure a high-quality performance experience.

Scalable Investment

Our network is fast and scalable. Clients can reduce costs on infrastructure by adjusting spending based on actual usage.

Edge Security Isolation

Baishan's global edge cloud network comes with edge security functions on top of computing capabilities. The physical isolation from origin provides clients with secure and stable edge computing while giving each client security isolation in physical settings.

Automated Operations

Baishan provides worldwide 24/7 full-service operation support, real-time monitoring and notification, proactive detection of server failures, remote management and deployment of resources, and seamless recovery after a failure.

Product Features

High-Performance Computing Power

We provide high-performance, secure, reliable, stable and exclusive physical computing resources

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

Network Functionality

The advantage of two-way network communications between physical and virtual machine clusters.

Unified Control

Real-time monitoring and analytics, automated managing processes guarantee the quality of service.

instant purging

Application Scenarios

Online Education

Real-time interaction features in online education place high expectations on latency level and stability. Baishan edge BMC provides edge access to ensure connectivity, low latency, highly stable interactive communication links, along with and high-quality, robust computing power.

Online Gaming

Baishan edge BMC ’s higher computing output and network capacity help online gaming platforms to handle high traffic from multi-player gameplay with uncompromised latency level and stability.

Live Streaming

Baishan edge BMC provides computing power and network capacity at edge nodes to facilitate smooth transcoding. Transcoding at edge improves streaming quality by reducing backbone traffic.

Visualization Diagram