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​Fast, reliable and secure content delivery to users

Your modern websites boast rich media content and meticulous design, but slow page download can drive your customers away in seconds. BaishanCloud’s globally distributed edge servers connect millions of end-users worldwide and deliver your assets in an ultra-fast, reliable and secure fashion, enabling you to focus on creating the best digital experience for your customers.

Product Benefits

Ultra Speed  

Baishan integrates the best of its extensive network coverage, smart caching algorithm, and real-time purging capability to achieve low-latency content delivery and instant refresh. Enjoy the high throughput and ultra-fast response time Baishan’s network provides.

Easy Customization

Baishan’s platform is highly customizable for your specific architectural scenarios. It enables you to delegate complex logics to the edge to reduce the response time and offload the origin. Baishan’s API-friendly control panel allows you to embed it in your automated configuration workflows.

High Capacity

Baishan’s highly distributed platforms can serve 50+ Tbps of traffic with built-in intelligent routing and load balancing to provide an always-on experience globally even under unpredictable situations such as unexpected traffic burst or origin failure.

Uncompromised Security

Baishan’s edge platform is built with security in mind. The platform supports TLS encryption which protects your data from man-in-the-middle attacks. In addition, Baishan’s Cloud Shield security product suite is designed to keep your websites and applications from all types of attacks without sacrificing performance


High-Performance Caching Servers

Each of Baishan’s edge server has several terabytes of hybrid hard drive and hundred gigabits of RAM. By deploying these high-performance servers worldwide with shared storage structure in each PoP, Baishan is able to cache more, offload the origin, and deliver ultra-fast performance for its customers.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

Tiered-Caching Architecture

With globally distributed resources, Baishan strategically builts multi-tiered caching architecture to optimize cross-border delivery and to further reduce requests back to the origin. Baishan selects high capacity POPs at major Internet exchange points as the parent layer to shorten the distance between Baishan and the origin. Within the multi-tiered caching architecture, it’s powered by Baishan’s intelligent routing system and proprietary network optimization technology to select the most optimal route based on real-time network status so that content can be delivered to your users faster.

Instant Purging

The freshness and accuracy of a website’s content are crucial to modern businesses. Baishan’s instant purging capability enables you to remove stale content across its global network within seconds so your website can always stay up to date. Purging can be done on Baishan Portal or via API.

instant purging
intelligent network opitimization

Intelligent Network Optimization

Baishan uses its TCP optimization technology and intelligent routing algorithms to balance traffic accurately and to avoid unfavorable paths. In the case of a server or network issue, the platform makes smart adjustments within seconds to ensure a high level of performance anywhere anytime.

Real-time Analytics

Baishan gives you access to real-time data analytics about cache-hit rates, response codes, traffic levels, and much more through its portal. All insights are available via its API for integration into your monitoring or business intelligence tools. Tasks such as purging, collecting logs, and configuring changes can all be done programmatically.

real time analytics


cloud delivery architecture

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