Cloud Storage

Baishan's global edge cloud platform provides cost-effective, corporate-level serverless container services. Intelligent routing, rapid deployment, security isolation, and rolling update are supported to help businesses in digital transformation and ensure expediated business delivery.

Product Benefits

Cost Control

Baishan edge cloud platform provides a one-stop cost-effective solution to customers.  With customers’ usage data collected by seconds, they only need to pay based on their actual usage.  The solution not only ensures high service availability but also helps reduce bandwidth and server costs.   

Scalability Expansion

Baishan’s platform is built with high redundancy. It ensures high throughput for customer services and is capable of handling bursting traffic requiring bandwidth consumption in terabytes.

Security Isolation

Baishan’s security capabilities are integrated to fully isolate the container operating and network environment for different users to ensure customer business data security.

High Reliablility

Baishan’s platform adopts a high availability bottom cluster architecture that prioritizes container service stability and business stability.

Ease of Use

Baishan’s platform provides a unified container operating environment to eliminate the need for maintenance for underlying clusters and servers. The platform also supports one-click creation of container resources and instance publishing.

360° Monitoring

Baishan’s comprehensive monitoring platform collects real-time metrics on application, container, host performance, and node network to ensure high quality, high availability, and high fault tolerance of container clusters.

Product Features

Container Registry Management

Baishan’s platform provides a wealth of public mirror images and secure, reliable private mirror image repositories to help businesses manage mirror image resources more efficiently and create instances quickly.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

One-click Instance Deployment

Baishan’s platform supports one-click deployment of instances on any edge node and quickly starts service within 1 minute.

Rolling Update

Baishan’s platform supports a one-click bulk update of mirror-image versions. Terabyte-level resource updates can be achieved within 10 minutes.

instant purging
intelligent network opitimization

Container Management

Baishan’s platform provides a K8S-based universal access environment and complete API portals to meet the needs of centralized container management.

Visualized Analysis

Baishan’s platform provides monitoring information on container instance operating status, network quality and logs to help businesses analyze business issues more efficiently.

fast failover

Application Scenarios

Transcoding-on-the-Fly and Acceleration 

Given the complex network environment, live streaming needs to ensure a pleasant user experience. The requirements for the high resolution and low latency for live streaming are higher.


Baishan deploys services closer to the end user's edge containers for quicker live transcoding and distribution, reducing latency, providing users with a better live audio and video experience while significantly reducing bandwidth and operations costs.

Download Acceleration

Download operations typically deal with a large number of many files and require large significant space, which will put great tremendous pressure on the servers and networks at the data center, resulting in poor user experience and increased bandwidth costs.

Baishan's cloud container service uses its global edge cloud network to distribute and moves popular download content down to the container service at the lower-tiered edge node, while supporting the use of P2P technology for widespread content distribution, to effectively reduce the pressure of the origin server and central node and to meet the end user’s requirement for high-speed download.

Video-on-Demand Content Distribution

VOD content requires high resolution and low latency streaming, which consumes a lot of bandwidth and has higher requirements for the performance of the origin server and the central node server.

By distributing on-demand content down to container clusters deployed at edge nodes, popular content can be cached real-time and distributed rapidly, reducing the pressure of origin server and central nodes and increasing the concurrent operating capacity server.