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BaishanCloud is rooted in China and increasingly competitive in the rest of Asia. Data proves we are the best CDN in Southeast Asia, defeating all of our global competitors in latency, throughput and stability.

Easy User Interface & Customization

Unlike centralized cloud providers like Alibabacloud and Tencent Cloud, we started as an CDN/edge cloud company and dived deep into meeting complicated and technical network needs from clients of all sizes. When pre-packaged self-service doesn't integrate well with emerging clients, our customizable solution shines.

Cloud-native Security

To form a power pair of Cloud + security, we acquired the best Chinese security company Yundun, combining the content delivery network resources and the cutting edge, zero-trust-centered security technology, the CDN + security solution propelled many enterprise-level clients.

Surprising Performance

We don’t compete with volume networks, whose network usually consists of less than 100 points of presence worldwide. Our network consists of over 600 of edge nodes and its performances are in line with the top players world wide.

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Cross-border Content Delivery


 Leveraging over 600 global edge cloud service nodes, Baishan improves user experiences by caching and delivering content close to end-users. Fetching content from close-by edge nodes reduces network latency caused by internet congestion and increases cache hit-ratio

Relying on its distributed global edge cloud network, Baishan has developed a high-availability, high-concurrency, low-latency, and easy-to-access video platform for live streaming services, all of which are enabled from a one-stop live streaming solution. The platform fully integrates live streaming recording, media processing, content distribution, and data analysis.

Cross-border Streaming & VOD Delivery

Live Streaming

Cross-border Streaming & VOD Delivery

WholeSite Delivery

By combining intelligent routing, intelligent caching, load balancing, traffic control, protocol optimization, security protection and other technologies, Baishan provides enterprise clients with high-reliability, low-latency, high-quality acceleration services of hybrid and pure dynamic content.

Baishan Canvas, deployed with a self-developed ADS system, provides complete DDoS protection for all business scenarios by pulling traffic to the scrubbing center to ensure stable business availability.

Cloud Security

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24/7 online operation and maintenance services. Real-time active monitoring of service operation, instant alerts to ensure high availability of customers’ online business.

Professional product and service support, tailored solutions to customers’ needs and comprehensive technical support for project implementation.

Seasoned industry experts provide customers with solution consultation in the pre-sales stage. Dedicated project managers for KA customers, customized services, one-on-one technical consultation, locate and resolve problems faster and provide more targeted technical support and services.

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