Orchsym API Mediation Platform

Modernizing Legacy Systems
Empowering New Applications

“By 2022, at least 65% of large organizations will have implemented a HIP (Hybrid Integration Platform) to power their digital transformation. CIOs should not just consider API as a technology, but the core of future business models and digital ecosystems.”

—— Gartner 2019

Why API?

From 1990s to 2010s, the way of enterprise IT architecture have continuously evolved, from tight coupling to loose coupling, and now API-oriented decoupling.

What is Orchsym?

An API mediation platform that helps companies build a seamless network of data, applications and services and develop agile integration. It powers business innovations and creates unparalleled customer experience in the era of Digital Transformation.

“Three-layered” API-oriented Architecture

The bottom layer decouples the underlying legacy systems. The middle layer reconfigures business logic.

The top layer opens capabilities.


The three-layer architecture facilitates project delivery and business innovation.

Orchsym API Manager and Orchsym Studio

The two platforms are two sides of the coin.

API Manager provides life cycle management of APIs and services, while Orchsym Studio helps to restructure logic and deliver APIs/APPs agilely.

Why Orchsym

Development Value

  • Increase the reusability of IT resources, reduce effort duplication, and optimize system integration.

  • Minimize code size, improve development efficiency and agility.

  • Visualize connection within systems with 2 to 10 times increases in efficiency gradually.

Management Value

  • Visualize IT assets, operation, and management by understanding API usage and gain insights into the usage status of enterprise resources in real-time.

  • Secured management of IT assets by API authorization and monitoring.

  • Manage API assets by unifying the management of internal and external enterprise API resources and maximize utilization of the reuse value of the APIs.

Business Value

  • Shorter completion time of application-related projects leads to an increase in value.

  • Empowers IT staff and developers and enable agile tech innovation.

  • Strengthen collaborations between partners in API ecosystem.

  • Ability to offer APIs as enterprise assets, commercializes APIs, and promotes API economy.

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