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API Mediation Platform

Baishan API Mediation solutions is a lightweight hybrid integration platform (HIP) designed to help businesses easily and quickly integrate and aggregate data, applications, and services, facilitating technological innovation and digital transformation to enhance user experience.

Industry Pain Points

Decoupling Old Systems

  • Many older critical systems that process large amounts of data have been continually updated over a long period and can be challenging to maintain and enhance.

Linking Old And New Systems

  • Co-ordinating effectively between old and new systems in combination with promoting newer, innovative applications has become the crux of digital transformation.

The Conflict between Growing IT Needs and  IT Delivery Capabilities

  • In the era of cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, and mobile internet, along with the development of artificial intelligence and 5G, there is a growing demand for sustainable IT delivery capabilities. Demand and capacity are becoming the two strongest opposing forces for businesses in their digital transformation.

Our Solutions

Powerful and Applicable to All Industries

  • Baishan's full-lifecycle API management covers API design, creation, testing, deployment, integration, management, operations, offline services, and other processes. Our multi-cluster hives provide a one-stop service to help businesses build a full range of API management assets. With over 300 components and universal IT standards applicable across different industries, Baishan supports mainstream IT resources such as cloud computing, big data, protocol conversion, format conversion, and database access.

User Friendly, Easy to Get Started

  • The core of Baishan’s web interface uses a drag-and-drop interactive design. To build a web interface, simply drag and drop the appropriate modules and components onto the application. Compared to the traditional way of writing code, this model dramatically lowers the threshold for process designers to get started on building applications and interfaces.

  • The vast library of components can be used to meet complex business needs quickly. Using the different modules to create processes improves process design efficiency. Baishan's API is also designed to support interactive plug-in services and extensions.

Scalability and Operational Stability

  • Biashan’s solutions are scalable and can support a variety of flexible deployments and high concurrency, with high performance and high availability. A cluster comprised of many nodes can provide horizontal expansion of functionality. A single node can be configured to process hundreds of megabytes of data per second. A modest cluster configuration can process gigabytes of data per second, providing higher data throughput. In addition, our solutions ensure reliable data return, support priority queueing, and ensure operational stability.

Fully Functional, Secure and Worry-free System

  • Implementing the API strategy requires full integration of three key factors: system, hardware, and personnel. Baishan’s build fully functional platform provides a sound business API operation and management mechanism, creating a unified digital ecosystem that combines API producers, API managers, and API consumers. Across its edge cloud platform’s 600+ edge nodes distributed worldwide,  Baishan also provides in-depth security capabilities allowing customers to focus on their business.

​Service Diagram

  • Three-tiered architecture based on API: First, Baishan helps customers decouple their old systems, reorganize business logic and processes, and, ultimately, enhance their IT capabilities to improve delivery efficiency and expedite business innovation.

Application Scenarios

Transform Integration Models

& Empower Business Innovation

While the traditional business integration methods are generally confined to point-to-point integration using databases, RESTful APIs, SOAP services and files, as well as Enterprise Service Buses, to enable integration of business services, the new integration methods call for decoupling of system resources, reducing the difficulty of system interconnection, allowing quick responses to business needs, improve interconnectivity efficiency, and helping enterprises achieve rapid business delivery and innovation.

Build An API Ecosystem That Empowers Capability Openness and Sharing

With Baishan’s strategic API platform, enterprise customers can organize and integrate internal API resources, build unified rules, form IT assets, enable internal sharing to meet the resource needs of internal developers, open up API resources to the outside world, and provide developer-oriented l services. Additionally, the platform opens up the organization itself, enabling upstream and downstream partners to create a win-win value chain.

Develop An API Strategic

Mediation Platform to Reshape IT

Baishan’s API platform helps businesses integrate, build, manage, and open corporate resources across their various business systems. It helps set up multiple business capability centers based on the different business categories to form a unified, strategic middle API platform that will enable business development and respond quickly to frequent changes to the business. The platform also helps build new business capability centers and then re-use those capabilities to create other opportunities. Eliminating the need to build business modules from scratch increases development efficiency and reshapes IT’s organizational and delivery capabilities.

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