Customer Support

Ensuring service availability and reliability are among our top priorities. With offices in the seven major cities globally, Baishan's dedicated support team offers English-Chinese bilingual support 24/7. Our professional support and consulting services help customers run their businesses steadily around the clock, providing end-users with the ultimate, fast, safe, and reliable access experience.

Customer Services

Extensive network presence




24/7 online operation and maintenance services.  Real-time active monitoring of service operation, instant alerts to ensure high availability of customers’ online business.

Strong R&D Capability

Customer Services

Provide 24/7 online operation and maintenance services—real-time active monitoring of service operation conditions and instant alerts to ensure customers’ online business availability.

Premium Products

KA Customer Account Operation

Dedicated project managers for KA customers, customized services, one-on-one technical consultation, locate and solve problems fasters, and more targeted technical support and assistance.

Global Professional Support

Professional Consultation

Professional product and service support, tailor solutions to customers’ needs and pain points, comprehensive technical support for project implementation.

Contact Support

Phone Consultation:

Sales: 1-800-260-5186 ext. 1

Tech support: 1-800-260-5186 ext. 3