Dynamic Acceleration

Reliable real-time, interactive and personalized content delivery at the edge

Your sites have more features and contents than ever before, which makes it challenging to achieve a high level of performance across a variety of network conditions and devices. Baishan’s dynamic acceleration platform provides an end-to-end solution that helps overcome network congestion delay, cross-country bottlenecks, and packet loss. You can focus on creating content for your users and rely on Baishan’s dynamic content acceleration to guarantee your site performance.


Intelligent Network Monitoring 

Baishan employs comprehensive monitoring on its platform to collect real time metrics from various components and make routing decision intelligently. A monitoring agent is deployed on each PoP to route requests between servers based on the performance metrics to achieve high performance and high service availability.

Optimized Routing

Baishan’s intelligent route optimization algorithm can determine the fastest route through its well-connected server network. Baishan’s advanced TCP optimization technology helps avoid Internet congestion, recovers packet loss timely and accurately, and selects optimized paths to deliver dynamic content to users.

Inherent Security

Baishan’s dynamic acceleration platform is built with security in mind. Transport Layer Security (TLS) is 100% enabled and supported with options for customers to either use Baishan’s TLS certificates or to bring your own. Baishan also offers WAF, bot management service, and DDoS scrubbing service via its Cloud Shield security product suites. By building security barriers between your origin infrastructure and attackers, Baishan protects your web properties and corporate network.


HTTP/2 and IPv6 Support

Baishan’s platform supports HTTP/1.0, HTTP/1.1, and HTTP/2 on IPv4 and IPv6 enabled network to serve the compatible protocol and version based on the devices without the need for customers to modify the origin.

HTTP/2 and IPv6 Support
Multi-Tiered Architecture

Multi-Tiered Architecture

Baishan’s multi-tiered architecture allows optimized routing. Its optimization technology intelligently bypasses network congestion by determining the fastest path to accelerate dynamic content delivery.

fast failover

Fast Failover

Baishan probes the health of your origin servers frequently. Under any origin failures, Baishan can automatically switch to a backup origin and quickly route traffic to the new destination to minimize impact on your service.


Dynamic Acceletation architecture

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