One second of downtime can cost retailers $1.6 billion in sales, and one second of delay in page load leads to a 16% decrease in user satisfaction. Baishan's network reduces congestion and optimizes delivery, so your customers stay satisfied and don’t abandon their carts.

Industry Pain Points

Traffic Burst

Any unexpected traffic spikes as a result of large scale retail promotions can cause website crash and overload network. Retailers would need an abundance of bandwidth capacity while controlling the cost.


Buyer Experience

Buyer experience is key to e-commerce. Sluggish website and app downloads hurt users’ browsing and purchasing experience, resulting in high customer churn, decreased revenue streams, and negative brand association.

Hacker Attacks and Fraud

E-Commerce fraud, such as malicious billing and garbage registration, has been steadily increasing year after year, costing retailers significant losses in revenue and profitability. During promotions, attackers may also try to cripple your infrastructure.

Our Solutions

Ultra-speed Optimizes

Buyer Experience

Baishan integrates the best of its smart caching, intelligent routing algorithm, and instant purging capability to achieve a blazing speed of content delivery and refresh. High performing web and dynamic acceleration will provide your customers with smooth browsing and shopping experience.

Resource scalability safeguards promotion events

Boasting more than 400 PoPs in China and 30+ Tbps of bandwidth capacity, Baishan’s widely distributed nodes provide a seamless store experience regardless of traffic spikes or origin failure. Stay assured that your promotions and seasonal events will not stress your infrastructure or lead to outages.

Personalization deepens customer engagement

Targeting buyers with content customized for their buying preferences increases the likeliness of them making a purchase. Baishan supports intelligent edge logic to accelerate the delivery of personalized, dynamic content.

Strong protection against cyber-attack and fraud

Cybersecurity is a major concern whenever there are online transactions, especially in emerging markets. Baishan provides an end-to-end security solution featuring HTTPS optimization, security SDK, WAF, and Anti-DDoS security. Baishan’s cutting edge AI algorithms offer the best edge security available in China and Asia, ensuring the safety of both the customers and the end-users.

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E-commerce service diagram

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