One second of downtime can cost retailers $1.6 billion in sales, and one second of delay in page load leads to a 16% decrease in user satisfaction. Baishan's network reduces congestion and optimizes delivery, so your customers stay satisfied and don’t abandon their carts.

Industry Pain Points

Traffic Burst

The diversified operations of enterprises require strong network capabilities to effectively prevent system crashes resulting from a burst of business with major promotional activities, which may incur severe losses in business operations. Through advanced technologies such as multi-site high availability and backup mirror origin, Baishan’s security acceleration platform ensures smooth operation of customer businesses and improves service availability while effectively mitigating the negative impact of system failures.


Buyer Experience

Buyer experience is key to e-commerce. Sluggish website and app downloads hurt users’ browsing and purchasing experience, resulting in high customer churn, decreased revenue streams, and negative brand association.

Hacker Attacks and Fraud

E-Commerce fraud, such as malicious billing and garbage registration, has been steadily increasing year over year, costing retailers significant losses in revenue and profitability. During promotions, attackers may also try to cripple your infrastructure.

Network Construction and Maintenance Cost

Cross-border e-commerce companies need to fully consider the construction cycle and cost of overseas network expansion, as well as other associated costs with network operation and maintenance to ensure a cost-effective ROI. 

Our Solutions

A Robust Global Cloud Security Acceleration Platform

with High Network Capacity

  • Baishan’s high-quality cloud security acceleration platform supported by its global edge service nodes with high capacity redundancy fully supports cross-border e-commerce overseas services.

  • Baishan’s one-stop solution for overseas e-commerce business aims at improving access speed through enhanced algorithms, intelligent routing, multi-channel parallel transmission, transmission optimization, connection multiplexing, and intelligent back-to-origin technologies. With a number of patented technologies, the solution ensures the stability of overseas services and website data security.

Highly Efficient Transmission Technology for Acceleration Optimizes Buyer Experience

  • Through multi-channel parallel transmission technology based on UDP protocol transmission and, the Baishan platform facilitates overseas users to achieve efficient and fast transmission.

  • With enhanced algorithms, intelligent routing technology, real-time global routing quality monitoring, and independent research and development of intelligent routing decision-making algorithms, the Baishan platform helps select the existing optimal return path back to the origin.

  • Baishan’s own innovative TCP transmission protocol optimization, which adopts the machine learning algorithm and a slow-start packet sending strategy, helps achieve fast and stable data transmission and effectively improves the transmission efficiency of overseas users' access.

  • Real-time global routing quality monitoring incorporated.

Technologies to Ensure Website Stability

  • Baishan’s platform adopts semi-marginalized DNS cloudification, fast failover, dynamic IP library, and four-dimensional intelligent routing services. It effectively enables DNS resolution services for overseas users.

  • Baishan’s  AI-based real-time monitoring system, which provides three-dimensional monitoring and early warning of the service status of the origin,  ensures effective real-time monitoring of cross-border e-commerce companies.  It can also timely handle abnormal activities to help cross-border e-commerce companies reduce their operation and maintenance burden.

  • Baishan’s fast failover is based on AI technology to monitor the global network status and real-time global resource allocation.  It helps ensure the stability and continuity of cross-border e-commerce enterprise services.

  • Baishan’s instant purge technology is an innovative and refreshing technology that uses viral transmission to achieve real-time millisecond-level refresh of global content, effectively assisting cross-border e-commerce companies with real-time replacement of product images displayed on their websites.

HTTPS Optimization Technology

  • Baishan’s platform adopts an authentication technology that supports two-way authentication functions at both ends, between end-users and CDN edge nodes, CDN edge nodes, and origins.

  • With certificate optimization technology, Baishan’s platform deploys two types of certificates, RSA and ECC, on the CDN network.   

  • The platform selects a more suitable certificate to achieve better service effects bases on the client's certificate support during the SSL handshake process.

  • The certificate technology uses a private keyless method, and the private key is deployed on the customer's origin site.

Protection Against Cyber-attack and Fraud

  • From the CDN platform, the security SDK technology embeds SDK on PC clients and mobile devices to identify and mitigate DDoS attacks. Security protection fully supports TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, WebSocket, and other protocols.

  • Anti-DDoS technical services provide 24/7 attack monitoring, attack alerts, an on-duty security expert for all protections. The DDoS real-time attack data monitoring shows an overview of geographical offense and defense status.

  • WAF technical services are based on big data security analysis technology.

  • The hotlink protection supports authentication methods such as IP block/allow list, timestamp, Referrer, etc.

  • Anti-content tampering technology prevents internal tampering of nodes and supports customized authentication and encrypted transmission between origin sites and CDN nodes.

  • The  Innovative machine learning technology integrates   Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) real-time engine, ATD depth engine, ATD learning engine, and ATD active evolution engine.

Solution Architecture

Application Scenarios

B2B Model for Cross-border E-commerce

Cross-border e-commerce companies provide customized services for specific overseas countries. Through product innovation, service enhancement, marketing, and other expansion methods, they manage to enhance user stickiness. User experience becomes a key to customer acquisition. Baishan’s cloud delivery platform provides a whole -site acceleration service, which effectively ensures that any overseas users can quickly and smoothly access e-commerce websites for business transactions in any network environment with any devices. 

Security Threats to Cross-border E-commerce Businesses

Baishan security acceleration platform fully integrates services such as CDN, WAF, anti-DDoS, and unknown threat detection.  It is designed to enable cross-border e-commerce companies to defend against security threats such as DDoS attacks and CC attacks by overseas hackers when conducting large-scale business promotions.