By 2026, China’s online education market is expected to reach $100 billion. Growing interests in foreign language learning and tech vocational education opens opportunities for international educational companies. A real-time platform with interactive features that mimic the in-person environment will be crucial for the success of online education platforms in China.

Industry Pain Points

Network Latency

Buffer-free playback and real-time communication are essentials for the online learning experience. Poor playback and communication experiences not only cause frustration among students and teachers but reduce the overall learning retention due to less effective interactions.

Distributed Teachers and Students

As audiences and lecturers become online, e-learning experiences differ based on an individual’s network condition. Students located in areas with poor internet connectivity and lower bandwidth may have worse studying experiences than their peers, intensifying educational in equality.

Security Threats

High-quality, copyrighted learning resources are the key to attract students. However, threats such as learning resource package capturing, website tampering, and third-party hijacking may compromise the online learning platform, resulting in irreversible financial losses.

Our Solutions

Multi-directional Optimized High Bandwidth Delivery

  • Baishan’s edge cloud platform can detect end user’s bandwidth and intelligently adjusts the video bitrate and can deliver seamless video streaming experiences to 100,000+ end-users per session.

Cloud + Local Recording

  • The platform supports both cloud and local recording during online learning sessions. Students and teachers can watch the recording after class without delay.​

Real-time Communication Protocol

  • Baishan’s private routing optimization provides reliable and robust streaming experiences. UDP protocol-based solution reduces edge-to-edge viewing latency to 200 Milliseconds.

Cloud Security

  • Baishan edge cloud platform protects websites and applications with TLS encryption to ensure our customers' privacy and data integrity and the end-users. The 3-tier anti-DDoS module also shields your learning platform from DDoS attacks.

Real-time File Sharing 

  • The platform supports dynamic file sharing during online learning sessions on both mobile and desktop devices.

Solution Architecture

Application Scenarios

1 on 1 Classes (cross-region/ cross-country)

One teacher remote teaching one student, suitable for meeting individual’s studying needs.

Small Class (cross-region/ cross-country)

One teacher teaches small group of students from different locations. Suitable for seminar, or discussion-based learning.

Lectures/ Townhall Meetings

(cross-region/ cross-country)

Remote teacher teaching a whole class of students with local teaching assistant. Suitable for teaching a whole class.