SaaS Firewall provides enterprises with a cloud-based firewall service by enabling unified visibility and control of network traffic at layers three to four, without the need to deploy the infrastructure. The service helps improve the security and compliance of enterprise network access.

Product Benefits

Resilient Scaling

There is no need to build traffic backhauls or deploy infrastructure regionally. SaaS Cloud Network Firewall service on Baishan edge cloud network extends worldwide, is accessible, scalable on-demand to ensure network reliability, reduce costs, and avoid latency issues.

Unified Control

Customers can access the edge cloud network from any location through various devices, enabling unified control of network traffic at layer three to four, and scaling to headquarter, branches, and remote office scenarios, increasing operation and maintenance efficiency.

Real-time Visualization

Customers are provided with comprehensive security control and traffic logs with a visual display of the overall enterprise network performance.

Product Features

Access Control

Enterprise-level access control policies are implemented, immediately updating the Baishan global network to allow or deny specified inbound and outbound traffic based on protocol or port.

high-performance caching servers

Logging and Reporting

Access traffic logs for all ports and protocols are stored for more than six months to meet compliance, enable log analysis real-time and alerts notification services.

adaptive bitrate

Application Scenarios

Organizational Unified Border Control

Unified policy management enables corporations to restrict access control of organizational Internet outbound traffic; minimize the attacks; effectively reduce the risk of organizational intrusion; and achieve visible, manageable, controllable access traffic, and certificate hosting.

Visualization Diagram