As a fully managed serverless service of Baishan global edge cloud platform, customers can run code at the edge nodes through Function@Edge to achieve fast responses to requests and enable application development, deployment, and management without building and maintaining IT infrastructure.

Product Benefits

User Friendly with Fast Iteration

​Business idea validation can be quickly performed without incurring the cost of non-functional development, operation, and maintenance.

Low Latency with High Performance

​Baishan’s global edge cloud platform supports both high concurrency and elastic scalability, serving users at the nearest edge nodes, continually running to ensure low latency.

High Stability and Availability

​Baishan’s global edge cloud platform guarantees high service availability enabling businesses to operate efficiently.


​Baishan’s pay-as-you-go billing structure provides flexible capacity scaling and enables lower costs by not committing unnecessary resources.

Application Scenarios

File Processing

​Combined with Baishan’s content distribution services, image processing can be handled efficiently by deploying and executing code at the edge, such as generating thumbnails, adding watermarks, and performing other functions, reducing pressure on the origin servers. Dynamic image processing and distribution are achieved by generating different image sizes based on varying access device types and reducing storage usage.

Mitigate Traffic Bursts

​Traffic bursts are mitigated using Baishan’s elastic scaling capabilities, such as support for flexible peak traffic on mobile applications and websites.  It helps customers to reduce costs significantly while improving efficiency and performance.

Live Streaming

​While it is difficult to predict how audiences will access live streaming events, Function@Edge is used to handle transcoding and traffic bursts without considering processing capacity and bandwidth.

Real-time Data Processing

​Continuous event and data flows can be processed and analyzed in real-time near the data sources, improve efficiency for IoT and other large, distributed data processing use cases.