Online gaming is a billion-dollar industry that has experienced insane growth over the last decade. With technologies like 4K and VR/AR facilitating exciting innovations in gaming, more data is required to deliver a seamless gaming experience. Whether you are looking to accelerate game downloads, deliver smooth gaming experience, or optimize gameplay, Baishan can help to make your games more enjoyable for your players.

Industry Pain Points

Slow download

The size of game downloads is increasing exponentially. Making gamers wait hours to download an update or a patch is a downright bad user experience.

Interrupted/lagging experience

Lagging is gamers’ worst nightmares. Modern video games are interactive and immersive. When a game slows down, it can really take the player out of the moment and cause frustration.

Distributed players

Online games offer an environment for players to play with people anywhere around the world. However, for game developers, it’s difficult to deploy resources properly to ensure every player in the world has the same seamless playing experience.


traffic burst

New game launch or new update often follows high and unpredictable traffic burst which could overload the server. It’s hard and costly to scale resources whenever there is a new release.

Our Solutions

Large File Download

Baishan leverages its unique shared cache storage mechanism to provide a reliable and fast acceleration solution for large files with size up to 300GB. Range request and partial object caching are supported to ensure smooth delivery to all devices.

Dynamic Acceleration

Baishan utilizes its proprietary network optimization technology based on UDP protocol to

optimize the time-to-first-frame and reduce the end-to-end latency to below 200ms to ensure smooth playing experience. Baishan accelerates content over WebSocket protocol and other non-HTTP protocols so game developers can choose the technology stack that fits their need the most.

Globally Distributed Resources

Baishan strategically deploys distributed resources covering major ISPs globally. With over 30Tbps of bandwidth around the world, Baishan provides stable and smooth gaming experience for any games and live esport events.

Service Diagram

Gaming service diagram

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