Baishan provides secure cloud-based gateway services. By directing Internet traffic to its global edge cloud platform, Baishan provides organizations with multiple-layer protection, including DNS, URLs, and payloads. In addition, Gateway implements granular access control of employees' internet access.

Product Benefits

Lower Cost, Higher Efficiency

There is no need to direct traffic back to headquarters. The gateway service can be started on demand and expanded elastically, decreasing cost and complexity. Baishan's global edge cloud network also significantly reduces latency issues and ensures fast and secure Internet access.

Upgraded Defense Capability

Leveraging the security capabilities of its global edge platform along with external threat intelligence, Baishan deploys a variety of malware detection engines to effectively block malware, phishing, zero-day vulnerabilities, C2 server requests, and other threats.

Sophisticated Access Control

Baishan adopts a variety of identification technologies and a built-in category library for granular user access control, including URL filtering, bandwidth control, file transfer control, and DNS filtering. Priority access is given to essential applications within the organization to improve operational efficiency and prevent information leakage.

Monitoring and Visualization

Baishan records complete access and behavior logs and provides visualizations of all network traffic in real-time. It also offers comprehensive reports on security incidents and behaviors to help organizations implement better compliance policies.

Product Features

Access Control

DNS filtering: DNS requests from malicious addresses are controlled and intercepted based on DNS threat categories.

URL filtering: Sophisticated management and control of URL access behavior for different users and groups are supported through the URL classification address library and dynamic content recognition engine.

File Type Control: Upload and download behavior control for keywords and file types is provided through in-depth file detection capabilities.

Bandwidth Control: Bandwidth limiting policies are implemented for sophisticated access control based on different users, user groups, and destination addresses to prioritize bandwidth for critical business applications.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

Threat Defense

Advanced threat defense: Multiple malware analysis and detection engines along with a threat intelligence database are used to effectively block malware, ransomware, and phishing delivery domains and URLs.


Cloud Sandbox: Zero-day vulnerabilities are blocked by executing suspicious code in a controlled sandbox by identifying and analyzing malicious behaviors of unknown files.

Data Protection

Cloud DLP: Through HTTP and HTTPS traffic scanning, the upload of sensitive or confidential data is effectively identified and blocked.

instant purging
intelligent network opitimization

Monitoring and Management

Real-time reporting: All activities and security events across the organization are visualized in real-time through various dashboards.

Integration with SIEM: Integration with SIEM is easily accomplished via OPEN API.

Application Scenarios

Unified Control of Office Security

Through SWAN, Baishan directs mobile business and branch network traffic to the edge nodes to provide organizations with unified security protection using sophisticated Internet access control and edge security capabilities.

Unified Audit of Office Behavior

Baishan provides real-time auditing of employees' online behavior to ensure that online behaviors are visible, verifiable and controllable, and protect cyber norms and online experience while preventing leakage of sensitive data.