ICP Guideline

Streamline your entry in China

What is an ICP License

Internet Content Provider (ICP) License is a standard license, required by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), for companies looking to establish a web presence in China. Companies will only be eligible for hosting a website in China or using what China-based hosting or CDN services if they have a valid ICP license. Obtaining an ICP license could be difficult, but BaishanCloud’s experts can guide you through the application process.

Types of ICP

ICP Filing (Bei'An 备案)

ICP Filing, also known as ICP Bei'An in Chinese, is required for non-commercial websites. A business must apply for an ICP Filing number in the same province where it registered its business license. Working with an in-country representative is the best way to ensure your application is on the right track and fully complete.

ICP filing (Bei An)

ICP Commercial License (Zheng 证)

ICP Commercial License is also known as ICP Zheng in Chinese. This type of license is required for commercial websites to engage in online retail activities. ICP Filing process is a prerequisite before applying for the ICP Commercial License.

ICP commercial license

What do I need for an ICP?

ICP Application Prerequisite

  • Establish a business entity in China

  • Register the domain with a Chinese registrar and obtain a Domain Registration Certificate

  • Purchase web hosting from a Chinese hosting company

  • The Chinese web hosting provider will manage the ICP application materials

  • BaishanCloud can provide recommendations on hosting providers if necessary

ICP Required Documents

  • Domain Registration Certificate

  • Business entity's registered name (in Chinese)

  • Business license number

  • Photos of a legal representative

  • Photos of a China-based Web representative

  • Photocopies of legal representative's ID, web representative's ID an

ICP in 1234


Schedule a Consultation

A BaishanCloud ICP expert will answer any ICP questions you may have and help clarify common misconceptions.

If necessary, your specialist can help walk you through the prerequisites for an ICP application.

Submit to MIIT

BaishanCloud will refer you to the proper agency or entity in China for you to submit your materials.  

You will receive updates throughout the process on the status of your application and if more verification is necessary.


Application Materials

Prepare and gather the required documents.


Fill out the online ICP Filing Application Forms.


You're Online in China

The average processing time is about 3 to 4 weeks. Once your ICP application is approved, you will receive an ICP Number to be displayed on your website.


This number is stored in the MIIT central database and confirms your website's validity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Any company looking to host and maintain content within China, including on a CDN, is required to have an ICP License.

The MIIT announced a new set of regulations regarding domain names in November of 2017, and has been more strictly enforcing ICP rules and regulations starting from January 1, 2018. Both new applications and existing ICP license holders are subject to the more stringent regulations.

Some of the basic requirements include having an entity within Mainland China and registering your domain in China.

For more information, it is recommended that you speak to a BaishanCloud ICP specialist about how you can obtain your ICP License.

All ICP License applications must be submitted to a respective province's MIIT branch office. BaishanCloud can help you navigate this difficult process, as each province has slightly different rules and regulations when it comes to processing ICP applications. Working with an in-country representative is the best way to ensure your application is complete. This prevents the frustration of having your application sent back time and time again.

Once you have obtained your ICP License, you will have an ICP number that you must display on your website. This number corresponds to what the MIIT has on file, and is your key to legally providing online content inside mainland China. If any illegal content is linked back to an existing ICP number, all sites that are connected to that ICP may be at risk for being blocked and blacklisted.

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