Intelligent Routing

Baishan’s intelligent routing solution provides network performance monitoring services that enable optimal traffic routing based on network environment and server cluster loads. Baishan’s machine learning algorithms help select the shortest back-to-origin routing to ensure premium content delivery services.

Product Benefits

Real-Time Monitoring

Baishan’s global performance monitoring service continually collects nodes running data and network conditions, analyzing over 600 globally distributed edge-node services in real-time. 

Intelligent Routing

Using a multi-dimensional, network environment analysis module combined with a machine learning engine, the shortest and most stable back-to-origin paths can be automatically calculated.

Global Network Coverage

Baishan’s robust global edge cloud network uses optimal back-to-origin path selection and multi-route transmission to deliver content faster and more stable.

Product Features

Supports Real-Time Dynamic Route Detection.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

Multi-dimensional intelligent routing ensures the optimal route based on latency, packet loss, connectivity, and server cluster load.

Supports origin server health-checking and fast failover to replace faulty origin servers with a backup.

instant purging

Supports various back-to-origin strategies including active-standby, polling, and priority.

intelligent network opitimization

Application Scenarios

Whole-Site Acceleration

For dynamic acceleration services or services that require low latency, intelligent routing ensures the optimal back-to-origin route with the shortest path, providing stable network connections to ensure content delivery quality and improved user experience.

Cross-Border Access

For cross-border access requests and origin servers that rely on a single ISP, intelligent routing strategies can effectively solve the problems of public network fluctuation, cross-border network congestion, and cross-border network instability, improving user experience.