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Optimize your digital presence in China.

We help you to understand the perplexing Chinese internet regulatory landscape, provide fast and responsive digital user experience to your users and secure your precious digital property.




30+ Tbps 






200 million



Challenges delivering content in China

The Great Fire Wall of China

The biggest obstacle for getting your web services into China is the great firewall of china. Traffic to your services usually gets significantly throttled or even blocked. This is usually achieved by IP blocking and DNS poisoning. 

Perplexing Regulations

To bypass the great firewall of China, many web service providers choose to host their content inside China. However, hosting any kind of content in China requires an ICP(Internet Content Provider) license, otherwise your web services can be removed from the Chinese internet at any time. For more information, Check out our ICP guideline and see how can we help.

Spread-out population and peering issue

China has the most population in the world, and it’s largely spread out. The download speed and latency of your web service can vary drastically throughout the country. Additionally, the peering between Chinese Internet Service Providers(ISPs), unlike the United States and European countries,  is usually congested, resulting in unstable interstate data transmission.

Security Concerns:

China has long been the number one source of distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks. In an attack in 2015, Github received an incredible 1.35Tbps traffic at peak from China. Without the protection of CDN, companies like Github and Telegram could have lost millions of dollars from attacks initiated in China. Check out our security product to learn more.

How can we help

Cross-border Content Delivery

BaishanCloud strategically placed over 400 point of presence(PoP) throughout China.


Our content delivery network helps you to bypass the great firewall of China and ensure consistent user experience of your web services, no matter it’s web application or static/ dynamic content.

Baishan’s 3-Level Anti DDoS Scrubbing Center helps to absorb malicious traffic and protect the availability of your web services.

The comprehensive web application firewall(WAF) rulesets help to counter injection attacks, cross-site scripting, sensitive data exposure.


The bot management platform leverages machine learning models to detect malicious bots, protecting your applications against web scrappers, malicious API connections, content tampering and more.

Web Security protection

Streaming and Video on Demand(VoD)

Baishan’s streaming platform is designed to optimize cross-border Live Streaming and VOD content.


With advanced streaming engines for encoding, transcoding, and optimized routing, Baishan provides one-stop streaming services, enabling you to focus on creating content and rely on Baishan to deliver a superior streaming experience to end-users in China, Asia and beyond.

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