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The media and entertainment industry continues to see robust growth with emerging technologies. As electronic devices proliferated, customers’ demand for live streaming and VOD increases rapidly. With rich experience in different media and entertainment business scenarios, Baishan is here to provide reliable solutions to ensure the streaming quality and help your business lead the trend.

Industry Pain Points

Outdated Information

News refresh and real-time online interactions are essential for media and entertainment websites. If your content cannot be updated in time it will attenuate the dissemination of messages and seriously affect the user experience.

Poor Graphics Quality

Customers demand high-quality watching experience in Live streaming and VOD. Slow and low-resolution video delivery would likely fail in the competition to engage online audiences.

Site Security Threats

Media websites always experience DNS hijacking, CC attack, DDoS attacks, etc. The insecure platform will negatively affect the credibility of websites and cause financial loss and reputation damage to the business.

Our Solutions

Instant Purge

Baishan’s platform Integrates P2P and Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm to intelligently purge the outdated content within seconds to make your content stay fresh.


Streaming Service

Baishan’s CDN network has delivered millions of on-demand streams across its high-speed platform. It provides a one-stop streaming service from encoding to live streaming. With multi-protocol support, cross-border optimization, encoding and transcoding on the fly, and advanced real-time analytics, we deliver the highest quality content with the lowest latency.

Media Content Protection

Baishan’s token-based authentication ensures that the playback URLs are shared by only authorized users and prevents the player from hijacking attacks.


Security Service

Baishan’s Cloud Shield Web Application Firewall (WAF) effectively detects, blocks, and mitigates threats such as DNS hijacking, malicious bot attacks, and DDoS attacks. Cloud Shield ensures a secure streaming service for you and your audience.

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