Media and Entertainment

The media industry’s business model shifts as over the top (OTT) technology evolves. Relying on its abundant global network resources and years-long services for the media industry, Baishan edge cloud platform, through continued technology innovations, provides media customers with business solutions addressing their needs under various application scenarios.  

Industry Pain Points

Major Event Traffic Surge

Media site traffic can be unpredictable. Baishan plaform allocates sources intelligently to ensure stability and continuity amid website traffic surge caused by major events.

Site Content Security Concern

Government and news websites release important information and cannot afford to be hijacked. Baishan platform protects website content from being attacked and illegally changed.

Time Sensitivity of Content

Speed is the key for media platforms to attract audiences. Slow content refresh and playback may abate site authority and result in audience churn. Baishan platform ensures the time-sensitivity of content for its customers.


News Streaming

Baishan planform ensures buffer-free, high-quality live and VOD streaming of major news releases or events for media websites to avoid Interrupted playback experiences that tarnish their credibility

Whole-Site Security Protection

Common cyber threats including DNS hijacking, CC attack, DDoS attack, may cause controversy to media platforms. Baishan platform effectively prevents these security attacks.

Our Solutions


Baishan edge cloud platform effectively leverages its edge network to provide content hot-backup from the origin. This backup method enables content restoration when origin websites experience failure or being hijacked, thus ensuring content availability.

Milli-Second Content Refresh

Combined with P2P technology and its advanced traffic routing algorithms, Baishan’s edge cloud content delivery platform can achieve network-wide content refresh media and news content in milliseconds.

Security Veteran

With WAF, anti-DDoS, and anti-DNS hijacking functions integrated into its loosely coupled cloud content delivery platform, Baishan has a team of experienced security professionals to ensure the safety of all aspects of its customer data delivery.

Dedicated Video

Support Team

With a strong track record of successfully serving major live streaming events and VOD needs for its customers, Baishan has assembled a dedicated video support team to ensure a smooth streaming user experience.

AI-Based Security Situation-awareness

When service under threat, Baishan video streaming platform rapidly identifies root cause using analytical data gathered from edge devices and trouble shoot via code implementation.

Solution Architecture

Application Scenarios

Real Time News Release

Baishan’s video streaming platform supports the agile updates of text, images, hyperlinks, etc.

Streaming and VoD of Major Event

Baishan video streaming supports rapid implementation of VOD and live streaming event links.

Dedicated Back-End Support

Baishan provides a dedicated on-site support team to ensure stable performance of origin during important customer events. 

Whole Site Hot Back-Up

Baishan platform can offline cache static content of the entire website and store web pages of different times base on customer requirements.