Online Finance

The financial needs of clients have evolved. New solutions are continually needed that can adapt to the requirements of the new generation of users. Baishan has developed a set of industry-specific solutions that provide the ability to meet these different users’ requirements.

Industry Pain Points

Industry Policy and Standardization 

The online finance industry is strictly regulated. Meeting the needs of the rapid evolution of financial solutions while maintaining regulatory compliance has become a challenge for the industry.

High Expectations for User Experience

With online financial systems continuing to evolve and becoming more convenient for users, financial businesses need to solve the urgent problems of allowing users to shape their own brand and attract investment.

Business Security under Threat

”Deal hunters ” (shopping bots) continually attack online businesses’ websites and other online assets. Software and phishing attacks are ubiquitous. Resulting in incalculable economic losses to financial institutions and their users.

Our Solutions

Loosely-coupled Security Acceleration Platform

  • Baishan's security acceleration platform is supported by its robust global edge cloud network interconnected with over 100 overseas networks, with bandwidth capacity exceeding 50 Terabytes. This allows Baishan to best support the needs of its online financial customers.

  • Baishan’s innovative four-dimensional, traffic-routing technology enables optimal access points for online financial customers. Users can enjoy a smooth access experience with different network providers.

  • Baishan provides the financial industry with a whole-site acceleration service using its innovative TCP transmission protocol optimization, leveraging network-specific machine learning algorithms, and slow start-up packet strategy to achieve rapid and stable transmission of data. The service detects the quality of online access links in real-time as well as the optimal current return path back to origin through Baishan's intelligent routing algorithm.

HTTPS Optimization Services

  • Baishan’s edge cloud delivery platform effectively supports two-way certification for online finance businesses to ensure the overall security of business transactions. With its secure management platform, Baishan ensures secure storage of certificates and private keys including certificate expiration and replacement management.

  • Baishan provides certificate optimization services, where its platform deploys both RSA and ECC types of certificates at CDN nodes and provides optimization functions during the SSL handshake process; It selects more suitable certificates according to the client's support for certificates to obtain the best service results available.

  • Using an advanced cryptology system and SSL/TLS bottom layer technology services, Baishan’s platform effectively supports origin server HTTPS transformation technology, maintains long SSL connections, and optimization of nodes and origin servers to complete SSL sessions on behalf of the source server. This greatly reduces the amount of traffic back to the origin.

  • As a technology startup company, Baishan has made substantial contributions to OpenSSL project codes. Baishan is also the first Chinese company to write copyright information into OpenSSL source code.

Full-scope Security Protection

  • Baishan’s global edge cloud platform identifies DDoS attacks and protects clients by embedding SDKs in PC clients and mobile phones. This comprehensive security protection supports TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, WebSocket, and other protocols.

  • Baishan WAF service is based on big data security analysis technology. Through a collection of information security data from a variety of data sources, Baishan conducts in-depth analysis and mining of valuable information; actively accesses information about potential security threats; upgrades the security rules library in real-time with dynamic linkage; and responds early to unknown security threats, forgoing the traditional single-point, passive, lone-wolf approach to reduce risks and achieve better security protection. 

  • Baishan’s anti-DDoS service provides 24/7, all-around three-dimensional attack monitoring, alarm, and security monitors with our multi-dimensional DDoS real-time attack data graphical display and attack/defense situation panoramic map display.

  • Using AI situational sensing, Baishan’s Advanced Threat Detection technology effectively helps online financial businesses identify unknown threats.

One-stop Shop

  • Baishan edge cloud platform provides comprehensive audio and video processing functions to create one-stop content services. In streaming scenarios, it provides end-to-end and device-to-storage content processing capabilities. Features include push and pull streaming, protocol transfer, transcoding, watermarking, audio and video play only, streaming time shift, broadcast ban, recording, screenshots, etc.​

Solution Architecture

Application Scenarios

Online Finance Transactions

The online financial industry has innovated a variety of transaction types to easily enable returning customers to expand their businesses. As a result, user experience has become a key part of each client's success.  Baishan’s global edge cloud platform provides CDN services that effectively enable different users access to different networks, and use of various types of providers to quickly access their financial business content for easy query and transaction analysis.

Mitigating Online Finance Security Threats 

Types of online financial transactions include loans, crowdfunding, financial management, consumption, and many other transaction types. They are often the targets of illegal online activities such as hacking, phishing, and click-farming. The use of a unified platform that offers services such as CDN, WAF, anti-DDoS, and unknown threat detection is strongly recommended.