Orchsym iPaaS

Modernizing Legacy Systems
Empowering New Applications

Orchsym iPaaS is a lightweight Hybrid Integration Platform powered by API that helps enterprises build their API strategy center through integrated design, creation, testing, deployment, integration, management, operation and maintenance, and offline API. It provides enterprises with the tools to achieve flexible circulation and agile integration of data, applications, and services.

Product Benefits

Flexible Deployment

The iPaaS supports agile deployment of customer business in a multi-cloud environment such as public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, ensuring their business to go operational quickly.

Efficient Operation and Maintenance

Powered by a Serverless architecture-based global edge cloud network, Baishan enables flexible expansion, security and stability, and reduced operation and maintenance pressure.

Variable Components

Hundreds of different types of components in 7 categories and 13 subcategories to support rapid conversion and integration of network protocols and data formats.

Agile Development

The platform supports visualization, drag-and-drop streaming development, completes heterogeneous system integration without code, lowers the barrier to use, and improves delivery speed.

Product Features

API Management

Through the full life cycle management of API-design, creation, testing, deployment, integration, management, operation, and maintenance, offline implements, the platform helps enterprises gain insights into operation conditions, further optimize processes.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

Integrated Orchestration

Integrated Orchestration is based on the Web graphical interface to complete the process design, data integration, and efficiently build up the business system through drag and drop, connection, configuration.

API Monitor

Viewing API indicators through operation-oriented statistical reports to achieve dual-dimensional monitoring and all-level management.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

API Sharing

Through unified portal registration management, the business is accessible to external in the form of API, therefore achieving business innovation and capability output. 

Application Scenarios

Original System Optimization

Through API decoupling and API full life cycle management to improve real-time monitoring, data management quality, and efficiency of the original system.

New and Old System Connection

Through a codeless agile integration orchestration platform, data and applications of different systems are collected and aggregated in accordance with unified standards to eliminate the data gap between systems, achieve unified overall architecture, and save system maintenance costs.

Application Innovation

Improving system integration and service delivery capabilities, through resource reuse, to get rid of dependence on system suppliers, and automatically control the rapid deliverables of business needs.