Orchsym Studio

A modern integration and orchestration platform for Digital Transformation

An easy-to-use visual data processing and distribution platform, which assists enterprises to complete reconstruction and integration of data, processes, and logics.

Key Features

Process Design and Logic Reconstruction

Web-based graphic interface with complete process-based design by drag-and-drop configuration;

Highly configurable indicative graphic data routing, transformation, and system mediation logic;


Dynamic data retrieval, collection, processing from multiple data sources.

300+ Out-of-the-Box Components and Connectors

300+ components and connectors to connect different heterogeneous systems, protocols, and data;

Users can route, transform, process, split, and aggregate the extracted data and distribute the output data to downstream systems.

Customer Benefits

  • Guaranteed Data Delivery   


  • Data Buffering with Backpressure   


  • Extensible Architecture   


  • Security    

  • Flow Templates

  • Data Provenance

  • Flexible Scaling Model

  • Prioritized Queuing

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