Baishan is always in the pursuit of top-class cloud delivery performance. To help you better understand the industry landscape and Baishan's performance advantage in China, we collected and generated this report with data from Citrix Radar Community. The data is collected in January 2020 and the performance monitoring area is in China.

Performance Highlights

Response Time (Lower is Better)

RN - global response time.png

Response Time indicates the speed at which a CDN responds to a request. Low response times are critical when

delivering data back to end-users and ensuring fast webpage rendering.

In China, BaishanCloud’s next-generation CDN platform is both the fastest and most stable when it comes to

response time. The BaishanCloud network offers quicker response times and more consistent results when

compared to the top competitors in China.

Throughput (Higher is Better)

RN thruput.png

Throughput is a measure of how much traffic a network pushes at any given time. While speed is an important factor

and often the first consideration, latency only tells part of the story. Not only do pages need to start rendering quickly,

but they must also finish loading in a timely manner. Research data indicates that 47% of consumers expect a

webpage to load in 2 seconds or less and that 40% will abandon a page that takes longer than 3 seconds.

BaishanCloud has the highest throughput in China. Whether you are concerned about unexpected peaks in traffic or

quality of media content delivery, utilizing BaishanCloud’s platform ensures your content will consistently and quickly

reach your end-users regardless of location or number.

Availability (Higher is Better)

RN availibility.png

Availability is an important factor when considering which network maintains the most dependable uptime. While

latency and response time indicates how fast a network may be, availability points to whether or not a network is

online and accessible. For B2C businesses that rely on cultivating consumer loyalty, building brand image, and

ensuring optimal end-user experiences, choosing a network that has minimal downtime ensures consumers are able to complete their journey while minimizing outages directly affect conversions.

While the emerging markets of Asia, and China in particular, may be appealing to many, the lack of regulations and

infrastructure that the West has spent decades putting in place may be daunting to some. Choosing a network that is

reliable ensures that you are able to more consistently reach all of your target markets. BaishanCloud’s platform

availability throughout all of Asia helps you accomplish this goal.

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