BaishanCloud 6th Anniversary- Client Testimonial from New Oriental Education & Technology Group

It's has been a great journey for BaishanCloud in the past six years of development. We could not be where we are without our reliable alliances. Wei Wang, the Senior Director of Operations at New Oriental Education & Technology Group, sends us the best wishes. We want to take the time to show our appreciation and determination. Baishan will continue going beyond being supportive and resourceful for our loyal clients.

About BaishanCloud

BaishanCloud is the world’s leading edge-cloud platform service provider offering neutral infrastructure, cloud-native security, developer services, and other products and services. Serving 1,000+ customers globally, Baishan is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for the global Internet, government, enterprise, and corporate customers. Baishan’s network covers 6 continents with 600+ PoPs worldwide.

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