BaishanCloud Gaming Solutions- Say Game Over to Lag and Latency

The gaming market in 2021 has shown rapid growth, which has brought new opportunities and challenges to the gaming industry. Research indicates that stable network performance can improve the user experience of playing, increase user retention, and stimulate game players to improve gamers’ willingness to pay. Trusted by global gaming companies, BaishanCloud provides cloud-native solutions to accelerate game downloads and against attacks.

BaishanCloud Seamless Gaming Solutions-2021
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About BaishanCloud

BaishanCloud is a leading edge-cloud platform service provider offering neutral infrastructure, cloud-native security, developer services, and other products and services. Serving customers globally, Baishan is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for the global Internet, government, enterprise, and corporate customers. Baishan’s network covers 6 continents with 1,000+ PoPs worldwide.

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