BaishanCloud Security Product Wins Top Honor at 2018 Global Internet Technology Conference (GITC)

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

BaishanCloud was awarded the “2018 Internet Most Trusted Product” at the 2018 Global Internet Technology Conference (GITC) last week for its AI-based cloud security product, Advanced Threat Detection (ATD).  This is the second time that Baishan has won GITC product award.  It effectively marks the entry of BaishanCloud to the Internet Information Security industry.

ATD is a next-generation security product powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Through AI, big data analysis, and machine learning algorithms, ATD can analyze user behaviors in multiple dimensions, construct user behaviors’ portraits, and identify threats in real time. It effectively helps companies to manage all security incidents and protects business security.

ATD has gained much market traction since its rollout late last year.  It has been recognized and adapted by many of the leading companies in a wide range of industry verticals, including E-commerce, Internet finance, online education, online gaming, media, recruitment, and home appliances.

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