Ebook: Best Practices of Cross-border Streaming Delivery to China & Southeast Asia

In the past decade, the number of internet users in China and Southeast Asia combined has increased five-fold to 1.2 billion and the digital economy in these regions is valued at over $4.64 trillion in total. Such strong growth, fueled by the increasing popularity of mobile gaming, social media, and e-learning, offers unparalleled opportunity for businesses around the world.

Yet, cross-border content delivery can be very challenging for service providers trying to tap into a new market with inadequate knowledge about the local markets in terms of local rules and regulations, business environment, and culture. While the majority of video platforms still find it difficult to stream content to these hard-to-reach markets, others are challenged with compromised user experience or security threats.

This Ebook is created by BaishanCloud (Baishan), a leading global cloud data service provider specializing in cross-border content delivery and edge security. It will help you understand the unique internet and regulatory environment in China and SEA, and the possibilities to stream your content to these particular areas in a fast, reliable and secure manner.

Please click here to download the Ebook.

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