Baishan’s SCDN was built based on its robust global edge cloud network to integrate security capabilities into all globally distributed edge nodes. It provides customers with integrated security and content distribution acceleration services for web applications, with easy deployment, enabling advanced security features with just one click. 

Product Benefits

Integrated Security and

Content Acceleration

Baishan SCDN is supported by its robust global edge cloud network with 600+ PoPs interconnected with more than 100+ ISPs globally.

Cloud Security 

To protect against challenge collapsar, hotlink injection, and DDoS attacks, along with other vulnerability intrusions, Baishan provides detection and customized access-control policies that protect customer's services across scenarios. 

Flexible Deployment

There is no need to make changes to the existing network topology. A domain can be deployed in minutes to ensure a secure and fast acceleration. 

Product Features

Anti-DDoS Protection 

Baishan has developed an ADS system to protect customers against several types of attacks, including SYN Flood, ACK Flood, and TCP Flood. Furthermore, combined with Baishan’s WAF and STCP, each node can defend up to 1 Tbps+ attack traffic. 

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

Challenge Collapsar (CC) Protection 

Baishan’s intelligent AI engine’s cyber-threat database is regularly updated, enabling customization of access-control configurations. It can quickly detect and interpret CC attacks, preventing system overload. 

Access Control 

Access control, including URL, IP, Referrer, Region, UA, etc., is highly customizable, providing comprehensive support for customer’s various scenarios. 

instant purging
intelligent network opitimization

Performance Acceleration

Baishan’s network provides many performance optimization features such as advanced ruleset caching, multi-tier prewarming, HTTP/HTTPS share caching, dynamic acceleration, HTTPS acceleration, HTTP2, Compression, Routing, Search Engine, and WEBP.

Application Scenarios

Security Acceleration

Baishan’s SCDN, combined with its cloud content delivery and distribution platform, enables many security features to protect customers from different types of cyber-attack scenarios. It also provides comprehensive, reliable, and secure content acceleration services improve users' experiences.