Private networks can be expensive and difficult to manage. Baishan SD-WAN serves as a practical substitute for expansive MPLS private networks and hard-to-manage VPNs. The solution offers wild spread access, centralized control, and scalable SD-WAN services leveraging Baishan’s edge network.

Industry Pain Points

Wide Spead

Nodes Complicate Management

WAN access nodes are spread far apart from each other. Deploying large numbers of nodes can require long deployment cycles and a high level of difficulty to maintain.

Lack of Monitoring Visualization

Without visual operation and management of WAN network traffic, business traffic is not beyond control.

Poor Transmission Quality of the Public Network

With the industry focus on digital transformation and business diversification, it can be difficult to optimize WAN.

High Cost of Building Traditional Leased Lines 

As business traffic grows, enterprise networks interact with cloud data centers more frequently, high network bandwidth is essential. 

Traditionally, enterprises use carriers' Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) leased lines for WAN interconnection. It requires enterprises to spend a great deal.

Lack of Network Flexibility

It can be difficult to meet the needs of both business agility and the development of cloud computing.

Boundary Security Hard to Control

Without a secure network system, horizontal traffic security cannot be controlled.

Our Solutions

Global Edge Cloud Backbone Network

  • With over 600 service PoPs internationally, Baishan has established an extensive global edge cloud network offering services in more than 250 major cities in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania.

  • Interconnected with over 100 ISPs globally

Self-service Network Building

  • Zero deployments, plug and play

  • Supports multiple routing protocols

  • Supports full mesh, hub-spoke networking

  • Supports multiple link access modes

  • Supports hot-standby

  • Supports custom firewalls

Real-time Network State Sensing

  • Real-time network detection

  • Enhanced routing learning algorithms

  • Automatic switching at failover

  • Supports intelligent compression, TCP/UDP optimization

AI Analytics Display

  • Graphic style, centralized control

  • Real-time state of backbone

  • POP node quality real-time network state

  • Branch node real-time state

  • Renter app traffic display

  • CPE hardware terminal load state

Application Scenarios

Business Network Building

With ever-higher expectations for networks, the traditional network building method finds it insufficient to meet the business needs of enterprises. Baishan SD-Wan well balances out the factors of cost, flexibility, agility, and others and provides high-quality, low-cost, industry-specific channels that meet customers’ needs for agile network development with scalable bandwidth flexibility.

SaaS Application Acceleration

Domestic access to overseas SAAS platforms has always been plagued by the issues such as slow, delayed, and intermittent connections. Expensive high-quality dedicated lines are often needed to solve such problems. Through its global cloud content delivery network and partnerships with overseas SAAS providers, Baishan’s SD-Wan helps customers accelerate SAAS access at a lower cost.

Overseas Applications Acceleration

Customers can deploy their overseas business services through Baishan’s CDN + SD-WAN model to gain more reliable accelerated access. Baishan’s automated optimization and intelligent traffic routing ensure a smooth user experience and reliable connections for customers.

Solution Architecture