Baishan’s security acceleration (SDK) is designed in such a way that it coherently integrates security functions to guard against security threats at the endpoint, the edge, and the cloud. It effectively solves various security issues faced by PC clients, mobile terminals, and new IoT scenarios

Product Benefits

DDoS Unlimited Defense

Breakthrough DDoS remediation transforms traditional single-server defenses using multidimensional software and flexible resource defenses to significantly reduce the cost of defense investments while improving defense capabilities at the same time.

Immune to CC Attacks

Baishan has developed its data encryption algorithms enabling verification of the legitimacy of user requests and discarding illegal requests that do not pass verification with 100% accuracy.

Zero Latency

Using SDK routing capabilities, DNS resolution incurs zero latency. Combined with 1000+ global, multi-cloud BGP nodes and an intelligent routing algorithm, node-scheduling takes effect in seconds, dramatically improving the defense experience.


Compared with the traditional security billing methods, Baishan offers a cost-effective billing method that is not based on the amount of attack traffic, providing all users the same complete defense protection at a lower cost.

Product Features

Device Risk Identification

 Baishan’s device-risk identification provides accurate access control capabilities. It accurately identifies events such as debugging/injection/Hook/DUMP, device tampering, system rooting, network configuration tampering, application tampering, running emulations, multi-pass iteration, group control tampering, and more.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

Link Encryption

Robust dynamic encryption algorithms ensure data transmission security. Attackers cannot capture packets to obtain business-related data or forge or resend attack requests.

Full Network Acceleration

Relying on its global edge cloud network, Baishan provides access to the nearest node using intelligent routing, UDP multiplexing, global acceleration, and other technologies to ensure ultra-low latency and high service reliability.

instant purging
intelligent network opitimization

Intelligent Node-scheduling

Multi-dimensional data such as risk control and network status is managed using SDK-based granular device scheduling and on-demand customized Node-scheduling strategies.

Application Scenarios

Anti-DDoS Attack

Intelligent end-device credit ratings are implemented using automatic routing and isolation of risky devices to defend against mega-DDoS attacks.

Anti-CC Attacks

Baishan provides encrypted tunnels between SDK and security nodes, managing network connections between client and server, ensuring that each device has its key, and implements authentication for each TCP connection to prevent CC attacks.

APP Access Acceleration

Relying on its global edge cloud network, Baishan implements network-wide data encryption, transmission, and APP global access acceleration using a combination of the SDK intelligent routing algorithm and encrypted tunnels.

Endpoint Environment Detection

Endpoints with automatic adaptation enable optimization of multiple protocols, detect risky behaviors in the endpoint environment, and customize rules to achieve precise access control.