With a unified solution that meets customers’ needs in various scenarios such as converting domain names to IP addresses, through highly available and scalable DNS resolution management services, Baishan’s DNS provides customers a stable, fast, and secure DNS resolution management experience.

Product Benefits

High Service Availability

Baishan DNS resolution service provides 99.99% SLA availability and ensures the stable operation of websites and applications.

Secure Reliability

To support large numbers of concurrent requests, Baishan Canvas provides distributed DNS server clusters. Baishan also provides free DNS resolution protection based on each user’s monthly profile, effectively defends against the threat of DNS attacks.

Intelligent Resolution

With 200+ intelligent DNS resolution routing, highly accurate IPv4/IPv6 address database, Baishan Canvas ensures the nearest route for end-users based on their geo-locations.

Global Resolution Network

Baishan Canvas service clusters cover six continents, synchronize resolution records within seconds, and support customizing resolution server clusters and NS names.

Open API

Baishan Canvas provides various API interfaces and supports multiple coding languages for highly customizable SDK packages that can be integrated into customer services based on their business goals. Resolution configuration capabilities are more flexible with improved efficiency.

Product Features

Intelligent Routing

With 200+ resolution routing nodes, Baishan’s intelligent routing platform supports EDNS, IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack, etc. Combined with its global IP address database, routing for end-

users can be accurately and automatically adjusted, accelerating the domain name resolution based on the customer’s geo-location.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

Security Protection

The DNS resolution cluster with a single resolution performance of 10 million QPS, combined with the Baishan YUNDUN ADS system, can provide DNS queries and unlimited Anti-DDoS protection. Additional security is provided by configuration locking, account security management, and other features.

Intelligent Traffic Routing

Baishan’s global traffic routing capabilities can support multi-dimensional traffic routing strategy configurations. Furthermore, based on abnormal traffic monitoring data with service availability monitoring data enables better automatic traffic routing. These features enable customers to manage tracking, optimize distribution traffic, reduce network latency, increase service reliability, and improve user experience.

instant purging
intelligent network opitimization

Batch Configuration

The flexible batch configuration feature enables support for functions such as adding, modifying, deleting, importing, and exporting records, etc. Further, domain management efficiency can be enhanced through the open API interface platform.

Application Scenarios

Domain Name Resolution

Baishan Canvas provides fast, secure, and stable intelligent DNS resolution services, ensuring safety while calculating the best routes between end-users and premium nodes.

Customized NS Cluster

Baishan Canvas supports customized solutions to meet individual business goals and improve brand reputation while ensuring intelligent resolution, speed, and security.

Intelligent Node-Scheduling

By automatically stopping and intelligently scheduling access traffic, Baishan intelligent node scheduling improves service performance and availability and guarantees visitors' experience.