Security Expert Consulting

Baishan provides clients with one-stop expert services on advanced security- keep their business on course with best practices of consulting and round-clock technical support.

Services Benefits

Extensive network presence

  Professional Protection

With years-long practical experience in security service, Baishan has served hundreds of government and corporate customers effectively solved their security pain points and offered expert-level protection to ensure business security.

Strong R&D Capability

Customized Solutions

Baishan takes comprehensive approaches in-depth to understand customer ’ security pain points and customizes high-quality solutions that tightly fit their business operations to maximize the security products protection results.

Premium Products

Hacker's Perspective

Seasoned field experts focus on corporate security and defense. Baishanprofessional security team examines customer ’ security capabilities from a hacker’s perspective to provide valuable security services.

Global Professional Support

Protocols for Process

Strictly in line with relevant domestic and international standards, laws, and regulations,    Baishan provides customers with systematic, cyclical / non-cyclical security services.

Security Services

Security Product


  • For cloud security products, Baishan provides Expert-level maintenance service, consulting and technical support, one-stop service to give full play to the best protection capabilities of security products.

Compliance Advisory 

  • Baishan’s security services are strictly adherent to relevant national policies on Graded Protection. The company provides complete and systematic security grading protection for their businesses, fully compliant with local security requirements.

Penetration Testing

  • Baishan security professionals team with experienced field security researchers and conduct simulated malicious attack techniques to exploit and expose system security weaknesses and evaluate security capabilities, and support security construction. 

Emergency Drills

  • Baishan simulates cyberattack and defense scenarios to improve the emergency handling capacity of security personnel.  The simulation helps reduce the emergency response time during cyberattacks, mitigate and control security risks while improving the efficiency of its emergency response mechanism.

On-site Security Watch

  • Where requested by customers, Baishan provides security services, including security monitoring, patrol and inspection, security log analysis, emergency response, and collaborative assurance, to provide on-site convoy for important business activities or special events.

On-site Security Assurance for Major Events

  •  Baishan provides customers with a pre, in-progress, post- event, comprehensive security service system to ensure uninterrupted meetings, special events, and more to enhance business security.

Service Procedures


Business Meeting 

Lock down scope of work and objectives


Solution Preparation

Understand the current situations and customize solutions




Implement Enforce solutions in strict accordance with the guidelines


Service Summary 

Deliver service summary and in-person presentation analysis