Security Professional Consulting Service

Service Overview

Baishan provides clients with unified professional consulting services on security and technical support. It delivers security guarantees with comprehensive and timely responses to help customers continuously optimize their security defense capabilities.

Services Benefits

Extensive network presence

  Professional Protection

With years-long practical experience in security service, Baishan has served clients across over 30 industries and effectively solved their security pain points. A team of over 100 seasoned technical staff offers professional and comprehensive protection to ensure business security.

Strong R&D Capability

Customized Solutions Tailored to the Business Needs

Baishan takes comprehensive approaches in-depth to understand customers’ security pain points and customizes high-quality solutions that tightly fit their business operations to maximize the security products protection results.

Premium Products

Protocols for Process and Comprehensive Coverage

Strictly in line with relevant domestic and international standards, laws, and regulations, Baishan provides customers with systematic and comprehensive security services.

Security Services

Security Product Hosting

  • For cloud security products, Baishan provides professional maintenance service, consulting and technical support, integrated service to give full play to the best protection capabilities of security products.

Penetration Testing

  • Baishan’s security professional team with experienced field security researchers and conducts simulated malicious attack techniques to exploit and expose system security weaknesses, evaluate security capabilities, and support security construction.

On-site Security Assurance for Major Events

  • Baishan provides customers with a pre, in-progress, and post-event, comprehensive security service system to ensure uninterrupted meetings, special events, and more to enhance business security.