Cloud Security Awareness Center

Baishan's security management service provides unified operational control of enterprise Internet assets while identifying risks with cloud-based services such as vulnerability scanning, availability monitoring, and content security monitoring. The service helps improve the availability, security, and compliance of Internet assets.

Product Benefits

Low Maintenance Operation 

Internet assets are managed by categories to allow one-click security enabling, providing easy operation.

Visualization Report

Cloud platform service reports are generated with one click at any time or can be set to gather for a certain time, to help customers run their operation more precisely. Vulnerability reports are automatically generated to identify risks from multiple perspectives.

Product Features

Content Security

Providing multi-dimensional content security services including monitoring for content tampering, sensitive words, malicious links, and response codes.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

Audit and Management

Supporting the unified download, management, and auditing of the cloud platform service logs, and generating service reports on demand.

Availability Monitoring: 

Monitoring the availability of corporate assets, supporting downtime alerts, and tracking failure status in real-time.

instant purging
tiered-caching architecture

DNS Hijacking Monitoring

Monitoring DNS hijacking of domain name assets, supporting hijacking alerts, and exporting multi-dimensional event analysis reports.

Web Vulnerability Scanning

Providing a variety of scanning modes, supporting full domain name scanning and specified IP scanning, and exporting detailed vulnerability analysis reports.

instant purging

Application Scenarios

Compliance Building 

Effectively helping enterprises quickly troubleshoot security compliance risks for Internet assets.

Unified Security Management 

With data assets management as its core, Baishan’s security operations center develops and builds unified security operations management platforms for individual enterprise customers with large numbers of data assets. Each enterprise’s platform will integrate specific security products appropriate to its needs, enhancing the overall security management efficiency.