Baishan offers a one-step solution for SSL/TLS, including certificate purchase, certificate deployment, certificate management, certificate renewal, etc., providing customers with a cost-efficient and automatic solution for HTTPS.

Product Benefits

Free Certificate Application

Baishan offers an easy, one-step certificate application process to help customers implement HTTPS on their websites at no cost.

Centralized Certificate Management

Using the Baishan portal, customers can easily manage domains, and certificate expiration dates in real-time. In addition, the portal supports manual upload of certificates and .cert/.pem uploads.

Fast Deployment

Baishan provides one-step certificate deployment, which can instantly deploy uploaded HTTP and HTTPS certificates across the entire network.

Product Features

Certificate Hosting

Baishan provides certificate hosting services enabling automatic certificate deployment and renewal.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

SSL Certificate Purchase

Customers can easily submit applications with major certificate authority (CA) providers when applying to purchase certificates.

Automatic Renewal

Customers get notifications when certificate expiration dates are near. They also have the option to subscribe to auto-renew certificates.  

instant purging
intelligent network opitimization

Certificate Association

Customers can associate HTTPS certificates with domains with a single click.

Application Scenarios

Certificate Hosting

Customers can easily renew certificates nearing expiration, either in Baishan’s portal or via API.

Application Encryption

HTTPS secure encryption can further improve system security and reduce the risk of sensitive information hijacking.

Government Information Security Encryption

The use of official SSL certificates can maximize information security and enhance the credibility of government platforms.

Search Engine Ranking

Search engines such as Baidu and Google prioritize the displaying and indexing for HTTPS websites.

Information Security Level

Baishan can help enterprises to improve information security, enabling them to meet compliance.