Seamless streaming experience to users anywhere on any device

As consumers consistently embrace the convenience and freedom of over-the-top (OTT) streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) services, their expectations evolve constantly. Baishan’s streaming platform is designed to ingest and accelerate both Live Streaming and VOD content over multiple streaming formats. With advanced streaming engines for encoding, transcoding, and optimized routing, Baishan provides one-stop streaming services, enabling you to focus on creating content and rely on Baishan to deliver a superior streaming experience to end-users in China, Asia and beyond.


Real-Time Log Analytics

Baishan’s streaming platform provides real-time statistics on its portal or via API. You can visualize user experience to advance user engagement and content monetization.

Seamless Streaming

Baishan manages stream ingesting points and edge delivery nodes globally with a tiered architecture. It delivers high-resolution videos to millions of viewers simultaneously with the lowest re-buffer rates and guarantees a smooth streaming experience to end-users on a variety of devices.

Mobile Optimization

Baishan builts its network with a mobile-first mindset. The platform supports mobile-specific optimizations, including transcoding and adaptive bitrate. With excellent connections to all major mobile ISPs in China, Asia, and everywhere else around the world, Baishan helps you avoid endless buffering and provides the most stable content delivery.

Onsite Professional Services

Baishan offers professional on-site technical assistance for live events. A dedicated expert team is ready to solve your problems and help you reach your business goals.


Instant Playback

By analyzing group-of-picture (GOP) caching status, Baishan lowers the latency between the beginning of the video playback and the actual viewing of the first frame, achieving the instant playback without first frame buffering.

Instant playback
multi-format transcoding

Multi-format Transcoding 

Baishan’s streaming platform supports all common streaming protocols, including HLS, HDS, MPEG-DASH, and specific live streaming formats such as RTMP, HTTP-FLV, and HTTP-TS.

Adaptive Bitrate

Baishan’s video streaming platform can detect an end user’s bandwidth and intelligently adjust the video bitrate to accommodate their fluctuating network conditions and deliver a seamless video streaming experience.

adaptive bitrate


Baishan provides customized watermarks in the form of static pictures, dynamic pictures, and multi-language text so that you can better identify the copyright attribution of the video to protect the authenticity of your content.


Streaming Architecture

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