Relying on its distributed global edge cloud network, Baishan has developed a high-availability, high-concurrency, low-latency, and easy-to-access video platform for live streaming services, all of which are enabled from a one-stop live streaming solution. The platform fully integrates live streaming recording, media processing, content distribution, and data analysis.

Product Benefits

High Concurrent Traffic Capacity

With Baishan’s intelligent traffic routing system, the platform supports high redundancy and can easily cope with tens of millions of concurrent requests, ensuring high-availability, high-concurrency, and low-latency video live streaming services.

Integrated Solution

The platform offers an integrated live streaming solution that supports live stream recording, media processing, content distribution, data analysis, and multi-terminal playback services.

Global Network

Utilizing its global edge cloud network, Baishan offers live streaming services in over 250 cities globally, with multiple video processing centers serving global live streaming users.

Narrowband HD Transcoding

The platform intelligently adjusts resolution and bitrate based on different customers’ business scenarios, and supports high-definition video playback, even with lower bandwidths, to accommodate fluctuating network conditions, delivering a seamless live video streaming experience.

Product Features

Video Acquisition

The platform provides comprehensive video acquisition functions including one-second first frame display, live recording, live screenshots, live time-shifting, and choice of origin to meet customers’ needs.

Instant playback
multi-format transcoding

Multi-Terminal Adaptation

The platform can distribute a single-format video live stream to multiple screens and networks through trans-encapsulation processing, providing a smooth streaming experience to end-users on a variety of devices.

Live Streaming Transcoding

The platform can adjust to different bitrates based on users’ terminal network bandwidth and performance. Narrowband HD is available for various business scenarios.

adaptive bitrate

Security Protection

The platform enables full-link encryption technology, HTTPS optimization, transmission process encryption, effective Hotlink Protection, and Banned-in-a-Second response.

Data Analysis

The platform provides complete data analytics of live streams across different business scenarios, including in-depth data analyses to help live streaming customers promote their businesses.

instant purging

Application Scenarios

Live Streaming for E-commerce

​The platform supports tens of millions of concurrent requests and online interactions, ensures low network latency as well as minimal disconnection for seamless live streaming experiences and helps e-commerce platforms grow their business.

Live Streaming for Gaming

The platform provides live stream gaming services with high service availability and low network latency. In addition, the platform concurrently supports video recording, service-start reminders, and other functions.

Live Streaming for Sports Events

The platform provides excellent live sports broadcasting experiences for large-scale events while protecting video copyright through security measures such as Hotlink Protection.

Live Streaming for Education (e-learning)

Through Baishan global edge cloud service nodes, the platform can support online interactions between teachers and students, ensuring a high-quality live streaming experience even in areas with weak network connections.