Leveraging a global edge cloud network, the Baishan SD-WAN platform provides enterprises with high-quality network services, access through the nearest node, centralized control, and flexible capacity scaling.

Product Benefits

Lower Cost

Professional network solutions upgraded with MPLS private lines, VPN networking, and other desired methods effectively reduce construction and maintenance costs for enterprises.

Better Access Experience

Baishan’s 1000+ global edge nodes cover 250+ cities with one-click access and faster global connections.

More Flexible Operation and Maintenance

Visualized and centralized management with intelligent automatic analysis reduce IT maintenance pressure, to achieve efficient operation.

Faster Deployment 

With the exclusive CPE box, it is easy to support Internet links, dedicated lines, and 4G access, helping enterprises to access the cloud effortlessly.

Product Features

Intelligent Routing 

Intelligent routing is enabled by data from global, real-time network monitoring, using routing algorithms and AI technology, coupled with intelligent traffic dispatch system that provides optimal routing, ensuring a fast and timely response.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

WAN Transmission Optimization

Network packet re-encapsulation and intelligent compression, effectively reduce duplicate traffic on WAN transmission.


  • Protocol optimization is implemented to prevent packet loss and retransmission.


  • Improved network performance and transmission speeds provide optimized access. 

Centralized Management in the Cloud

Centralized controllers with unified management, operation, and maintenance encompass the entire network. Customers can control the global network through edge access regardless of the location of their headquarters.

instant purging
intelligent network opitimization

Security Protection Mechanism

Identity authentication, access control, and permissions holistically ensures application security management. Redundant backups plus all-carrier support ensure ultra-high service availability.

Application Scenarios

Baishan's SD-WAN solution provides enterprise customers with effective
off-site network interconnection between branch offices and headquarters 

Baishan’s SD-WAN deploys CPE boxes at customers’ sites. This ensures that services can be performed at the nearest service node of its 1000+ global edge cloud network. This model guarantees network security and stability through intelligent routing, protocol optimization, and other technologies.

Application Acceleration

The central controller intelligently dispatches routing resources to build a global network with high-speed connections for enterprises to provide fast and stable connections for global users.