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In the era of digital transformation, software providers are expected to be innovative, agile and secured to deliver consistent and optimized experiences to all users.

Industry Pain Points

Slow Download

Unpredictable and unreliable download experience can lead to a decrease in user engagement and can negatively impact your business.  

No Visibility into

User Behavior 

Visibility is critical to optimizing download performance, user engagement, monetization, and more. Without visibility, it’s impossible to tell how your users are interacting with your product.


Traffic Burst  

when you release a new feature or new patch, it’s difficult to predict user behavior to scale your resource properly. An unexpected burst might knock down your infrastructure and cause outage.  

Security Threats

As more user-specific data is being communicated between software via APIs, security protection is crucial for software developers to ensure content authenticity, to protect malicious requests, and to address a vulnerability promptly.  

Our Solutions

Cloud Delivery 

Baishan has over 50 Tbps of capacity and over 600+ PoPs worldwide to deliver software updates to your users everywhere around the world in seconds. Baishan can handle large traffic spikes at ease, and its high-capacity caching platform with shared storage allows you to cache more at the edge, which significantly reduces the number of requests going back to your origin. Baishan’s real-time purging capability enables you to fix bugs and reiterate faster without worrying that outdated copies are still available to the public. With Baishan, you can focus on perfecting your product and let Baishan do the rest.

TLS and User Authentication 

Content authenticity and security are essential. That’s why Baishan built its platform with end-to-end encryption and the support of the latest TLS protocols and cipher suites. Baishan also provides customized logics, which allows you to push user authentication and other

application-level protection logics to Baishan’s edges to authenticate the users faster and offload the origin.

AI-Powered Security Solution 

Baishan’s Cloud Shield security product suite offers high capacity DDoS scrubbing and WAF with intelligent bot management to protect the most common attacks from your properties. With the AI-powered engine, we can accurately identify and block malicious requests based on your unique user behavior and allow legitimate users to download the software smoothly.

Real-time Visibility and Control 

Baishan collects request logs and generates comprehensive analytics in real-time, so you have full visibility into your user behaviors. The analytics can be exported to your business-intelligent platform via API so you can dissect the data based on your business needs. On top of visibility, Baishan also wants you to have full control over your content. Baishan’s platform is self-serviceable with APIs, so you can include it as a part of your automated configuration workflows.

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