Travel is one of the most commonly sold products on the Internet for users of all ages. Approximately one-third of all leisure/unmanaged travel bookings are made online. The most significant growth in travel markets is in the emerging markets, particularly Asia. Websites allow companies to be in direct contact with the end-consumers, facilitate pre- and post-trip upselling, and enable suppliers to leverage the lifetime value of the customer.

Industry Pain Points

Slow Page Load & High Bounce Rate

Travel & Tourism websites often feature beautiful photos and HD videos to appeal to potential customers. However, as the multi-media content grows larger than ever, more data need to be delivered, which could create latency issues. Most end users won’t stick around unless the webpage loads within 2 seconds. Being able to deliver a multitude of digital media smoothly and without buffering is key to good user experiences.

Compromised Buyer Experience

E-Commerce companies highly value consumers’ purchasing experience, which can be dampened by slow transactions. Companies that provide unsatisfactory user experience over time may lose customers and negatively impact business profit.

Security Threats

Booking trips and reserving accommodations require top-notch security and protection. Attackers frequently target web transactions to steal payment information and personal identification details. Web bots can also crawl away valuable proprietary information or pricing information, which makes your company less competitive in the marketplace.

Navigating Regulations and Policy Compliance

China imposes sets of unique rules and regulations for online traffic, which may seem daunting to foreign firms. Baishan’s expertise in the Chinese Internet environment will aid you in your endeavors to carve a market in China.

Our Solutions

Whole Site Delivery

With over 30 Tbps of capacity and over 400+ PoPs worldwide, Baishan can help you handle large traffic spikes at ease. The intelligent routing algorithm let Baishan detect changes in the Internet quality in real-

time. Baishan’s proprietary routing and decision-making algorithms select the most optimal way to connect to your origin, which ensures excellent consumer experience.

AI-Powered Security Solution

Baishan’s Cloud Shield security product suite offers high capacity DDoS scrubbing, WAF, and intelligent bot management for your web properties. It can accurately prevent origin overload, combat zero-day vulnerabilities, and intelligently identify malicious bots and crawlers.

Industry and Locale Expertise

Baishan leverages its knowledge of the Chinese Internet landscape and helps you prevent vulnerability exploitations, attacks, fraud, and, most importantly, your brand’s reputation. Baishan provides consultations on best-practices and trusted referrals for your business needs in China.

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