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We founded BaishanCloud on the belief that it is time to reinvent how the cloud is connected and delivered. Browse this video library to learn more about our history, expertise, and vision.

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How CDNs help streaming media industry in Europe, China, and Southeast Asia

Targeting media​ streaming​ market in Europe​, China​, or Asia​? Watch this interview with Mark de Jong from Axello BV to learn the challenges and opportunities for media vendors when entering these regions.

How Content Delivery Networks

Accelerate Dynamic Accelerate Dynamic Content?

From streaming media to e-commerce to onlinegaming, the content we consume on the internet is becoming more personalized and dynamic. Watch our mini lecture to learn what technologies CDN can provide to deliver a dynamic content experience for your users.

BaishanCloud Mini Interview with the IABM

What does the future hold for the Broadcast & Media Industry? In this mini-interview with Stan Moote, CTO of the IABM, we discussed how content/ streaming services are penetrating into fast-growing international markets, and how the technology backbone of the industry will evolve in the next 5 years.

How CDNs Integrate with Security Solutions to Protect Web Services

​By 2021, cybercrimes will cost companies worldwide 6 trillion USD annually. While using CDNs to deliver your web services, do you know that their edge networks can be leveraged to build a strong security shield against some of the major cyberattacks?

Watch our mini-lecture to learn how CDNs can integrate nicely with anti-DDoS, WAF, and bot management solutions.

BaishanCloud Mini Interview with Chinafy

Looking to reach users in China but your websites are not loading fast and fully inside the country?

Check out BaishanCloud Mini Interview with Jodie Chan, VP of Product Strategy & Special Projects at Chinafy, to learn how to effectively accelerate your sites and resolve China incompatibilities to empower your global expansion.

How CDN Helps Ensure Quality of Video Delivery?

Video consumption is accelerating rapidly, makes up 60% of traffic on the Internet. Quarantine measures worldwide in 2020 have further amplified this trend. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have been instrumental in making this possible. In this video, we are going to talk about why you should use a CDN for Video content.

​BaishanCloud Mini Interview with CDN Planet

Check out BaishanCloud Mini Interview Episode 1 with Aaron Peters, founder of CDN Planet, to get expert advice on how users should choose CDN wisely and how CDN providers can better serve evolving customer needs. 

How to Boost Your SEO with Content Delivery Networks?

While working hard on content, backlinks and social signals for better SEO results, are you missing out a powerful tool- the Content Delivery Networks-that can boost your ranking in search? Check out Episode 1 of BaishanCloud North America Corporation Mini Lectures to learn how CDNs can play nicely with SEO.

IABM Interview with Wei An, Partner & GM of BaishanCloud North America

In this interview with the International Trade Association for the Broadcast & Media Industry, Wei An talks about how COVID-19 has impacted the streaming industry and how Baishan has helped its customers to tackle the content delivery challenges during the difficult time. 

BaishanCloud 5-Year Anniversary

Walk through Baishan's history.

Streaming Media West 2019

Wei An, Partner and General Manager of BaishanCloud North America, speaks at Streaming Media West.

Streaming Media West 2019

Angel Chin, Sr. Director, Products and Solutions at BaishanCloud, talks about BaishanCloud streaming delivery at Streaming Media West.

The Vision of BaishanCloud

Understand BaishanCloud's vision and culture.

BaishanCloud Office Tour

Take a virtual tour in our offices throughout the world!