Baishan Canvas provides integrated cybersecurity services for websites, applications, and other online businesses against malicious intrusion, traffic attacks, and other security risks, to ensure business security and availability.

Product Benefits

Compliant, Integrated Security Construction

Based on AI + semantics + intelligent rule multi-engine architecture, integrating single-point 1Tbps + DDoS protection capabilities to effectively solve vulnerabilities, attacks, leaks, and other security issues, to meet compliance requirements.

Timely, Unperceived Vulnerability Response

Our professional security team provides 24/7 continuous monitoring and response and 0-day vulnerability quick fix without alarming the end-users.

Precise, Multi-Dimensional Protection Strategy

Complemented by botnets, scanner features, crawlers, business accumulation and other global threat intelligence database, it provides flexible and configurable protection strategies that fit the business scenario and offers accuracy and effectiveness.

Full Defense and Manageable Cost

DDoS protection is not charged by traffic volume, offering full protection and manageable cost.

Product Features

Vulnerability Intrusion Protection

The Baishan WAF solution can detect and interpret threats based on Web vulnerability intrusion behavior by implementing the AI engine with sentence analysis, rulesets, and machine learning.

high-performance caching servers
tiered-caching architecture

Web Honeynet

As a deception defense technique, trapping attackers attack means and new attack techniques to obtain the threat characteristics of attackers who invade the honeynet.

WebShell Detection

Accurate identification of WebShell based on bi-directional traffic detection engine.

instant purging
intelligent network opitimization

CC Attack Protection

Based on the intelligent engine for Challenge Collapsar (CC) and Baseline Machine Learning, customers can customize protection policies for various scenarios. Baishan also provides security advisory support to customers with their security strategies.

Anti-DDoS Protection

Baishan provides worry-free anti-DDoS protection

and DDoS attack traffic scrubbing services at full-scale.

fast failover

Content Replacement

Filtering, along with replacing all sensitive terms in an application, enables support for a custom ‘sensitive terms’ glossary and helps avoid service interruptions by regulating sensitive terms.

adaptive bitrate

Application Scenarios

Web Basic Protection

Baishan’s AI engine uses sentence analysis, rulesets, and machine learning to provide effective support for countering unauthorized access and attacks and effectively managing vulnerability intrusion, data leakage, CC attack, and other security risks.

Traffic Attack Solution

Providing DDoS attack solution services for web, applications, and other services to ensure the stability and availability of the business.

Web Page Tamper Prevention 

Preventing the risk of malicious tampering of web content due to hacking during key periods and improving content security.